Audicom AC9600 Electrolyte Analyzer (AUTO ISE ANALYZER)

Maximize efficiency in electrolyte analysis with the Electrolyte Analyzer AC9600. Engineered for accuracy and reliability, this AUTO ISE ANALYZER delivers precise results for electrolyte testing. With advanced features and intuitive operation, it ensures dependable performance in clinical settings. Simplify your electrolyte analysis workflow with the Electrolyte Analyzer AC9600 – your trusted solution for high-quality results.


Electrolyte Analyzer (AUTO ISE ANALYZER) AC9600


Model AC9600
Measuring item K,Na,Cl,TCO2
Calculating item AG
Measuring time Measuring time: 55s
Time for sampling, measuring, washing and printing: 90s
Sample size 160ul
Data storage 10000
Communication interface 232 interface
Automatic sampling 25-bit sampling system for option (20 samples, 2 QC, 1 emergency , 1 washing)
Air bubble test Yes
Alarm for waste liquid overflow Yes
Alarm for standard liquid level Yes
Standard liquid level indicator lamp Yes
Sample liquid level indicator lamp Yes
Power supply AC220V±22V 50Hz 50W
Size 408mmX390mmX230mm
Weight 7Kg(without sampling system)1Kg (sampling system)
Measuring method ISE. TCO2 adopts pressure-measuring method.
Working condition Temperature: 10℃~32℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
 Measuring Parameter and Specification Table
Measuring item Measuring scope Resolving power Precision
(K+) 0.50—15.00 0.01 CV≤1.0%
(Na+) 30.0—200.0 0.1 CV≤1.0%
(Cl-) 30.0—200.0 0.1 CV≤1.0%
(Ca2+) ——- ——– ——-
(H+) ——- ——- ——-
(TCO2) 4.0—70.0 0.1 CV≤3.0%

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automated Sample Handling: Eliminates manual pipetting steps, minimizing errors and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Wide Range of Electrolytes: Measures various essential electrolytes, including Na+, K+, Cl-, and Ca2+, catering to diverse clinical needs.
  • High Sample Throughput: Analyze a large number of samples per hour, ideal for busy laboratories.
  • Calibration and QC Automation: Streamline instrument calibration and quality control processes for consistent performance and reliable results.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies operation and data management, minimizing training time and maximizing staff productivity.

The AC9600 Electrolyte Analyzer is ideal for:

  • Hospitals and clinics: Enhance patient care with fast and accurate electrolyte testing, aiding in timely diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  • Independent laboratories: Increase efficiency and meet high-volume testing demands.
  • Research institutions: Conduct reliable electrolyte analysis for various research applications.

Invest in the AC9600 Electrolyte Analyzer and experience the benefits of:

  • Improved lab workflow and efficiency.
  • Faster turnaround times for critical electrolyte results.
  • Enhanced patient care with reliable and accurate data.
  • Reduced risk of errors with automation and quality control features.

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