SF-8050 Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

Experience seamless coagulation analysis with the Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer SF-8050. Engineered for accuracy and efficiency, this analyzer delivers reliable results for a variety of coagulation assays. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it ensures dependable performance in laboratory settings. Streamline your coagulation testing with the SF-8050 – your trusted solution for high-quality analysis.


Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer SF-8050


  1. Inductive dual magnetic circuit, immune turbidimetric and chromogenic substrate methods inside each channel.
  2. Up to 200 tests/hour throughput with 1000 continuous cuvettes loading system.
  3. Dual-way HIS/LIS connection and IC card reagents / consumables protection.
  4. Intelligent dual independent probes with temperature control and liquid surface induction.
  5. Systematic original, reagents, quality controls and calibrators cover full range of use.


  1. Testing Method: Clotting, Immune turbidimetric and Chromogenic substrate methods.
  2. Testing Items: PT, APTT, FIB, TT, HEP, LMWH, PC, PS and various types of factors, D-Dimer, FDP, AT-III.
  3. Throughput: PT: 200 tests per hour
  4. CV: <3%
  5. Pre-heating Positions: 10
  6. Reagent Positions: 16
  7. Sample Positions: 30, interchangeable and extensible sample rack compatible to any tube
  8. Cuvettes: 1000 continuous cuvettes loading
  9. Port: USD and RS232
  10. Data Transmission: Dual way, HIS/LIS supported

Multiple Test Methods

-Inductive dual magnetic circuit method makes use of elector-magnetic fields

-No disruptions from icterus, hemolysis, chyles and turbid particles

-3 test methods of Clotting, Immun turbidimetric and Chromogenic substrate

-Multiple wavelength compatible for various test items including D-Dimer, FDP and AT-III

-4 mechanical plus 2 optical test channels

Intelligent Dual Independent Probes

-Dual separate cleaning system avoids cross-contamination

-High-speed inside 37℃ pre-heating with automatic temperature control

-Liquid surface induction inside probes

Comprehensive Reagents Management

-Extensible reagent positions, available for various reagent vials

-16℃ temperature control and automatic stirring of reagent positions

-IC card reagent and consumable protection and barcode control system

High Throughput and Wonderful Solution

-1000 continuous cuvettes give no test suspending for cuvettes feeding

-Up to 200 PTs/hour and 25 samples/hour of mixed items

-Emergency test on any position

-Dual-way LIS/HIS connection

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