Nutricook in Kenya: What You Need To Know

Nutricook in Kenya: What You Need To Know Leave a comment

Are you looking to transform your meal preparation and cooking experience? Nutricook’s innovative line of appliances is here to make your life easier, healthier, and tastier.

If you’re in Kenya, Nutricook offers a fantastic selection of products specifically designed to cater to the needs and preferences of Kenyan kitchens.

Let’s explore what makes Nutricook appliances stand out and why they’re an excellent choice for your home.

What is Nutricook?

Nutricook in Kenya: What You Need To Know

Nutricook is a globally recognized brand specializing in kitchen appliances that promote healthy, convenient, and efficient cooking. Their product range includes:

  • Smart Pressure Cookers: For quick, flavorful, and nutritious meals.
  • Air Fryers: Perfect for achieving the crispy texture of fried foods with far less oil.
  • Air Fryer Ovens: Versatile appliances combining air frying, baking, roasting, and more.
  • Smart Air Fryer Grills: Enjoy the deliciousness of grilled food all year round.

Why Choose Nutricook in Kenya?

Nutricook appliances offer compelling benefits for Kenyan households:

Top Nutricook Appliances in Kenya

Here’s a closer look at some of the best Nutricook appliances available in Kenya:

MAGIC BULLET MB4-0612 – 6PC SET,400WKSh7,500.00
NUTRI BULLET NBC-0910B ,COMBO 1000WKSh28,995.00
NUTRI BULLET NBR-0612NB 101B- 6PC,600WKSh13,495.00
NUTRI BULLET NBR-1212M 12PC GRAY,600WKSh12,995.00
NUTRI BULLET NBR-1212R 12PC RED ,600WKSh28,995.00

Nutricook Smart Pots

These multi-functional pressure cookers come in various sizes, with programmable settings for everything from rice and stews to slow cooking. They drastically reduce cooking times and make creating flavorful, healthy meals incredibly easy.

  • Capacities: Ranging from 6L to 8L, ideal for families or larger meal preps.
  • Features:
  • Benefits for Kenyan Cooking: Perfect for preparing traditional dishes like githeri, stews, and tender meats in record time.

Nutricook Air Fryers

Offering a variety of capacities and features, Nutricook air fryers make it simple to enjoy everything from fries and chicken to samosas and roasted vegetables using minimal oil for guilt-free indulgence.

  • Capacities: From 3.5L to 5.5L to accommodate different household sizes.
  • Features:
  • Benefits for Kenyan Cooking: Enjoy crispy samosas, mandazis, fries, bhajias, and more with a healthier approach.

Nutricook Air Fryer Ovens

These combine the power of air frying with the versatility of ovens. They offer expanded functionality like roasting, baking, and dehydrating, making them true kitchen workhorses.

  • Capacities: Often larger than standalone air fryers, providing more cooking space.
  • Features:
    • Combine air frying with baking, roasting, grilling, and sometimes dehydrating functions.
    • Larger ovens may have multiple racks for multi-level cooking.
    • Versatile temperature settings.
    • May include rotisserie accessories and baking trays.
  • Benefits for Kenyan Cooking: Prepare whole roasted chickens, baked goods like cakes or bread, grilled meats and vegetables, and even dehydrated fruits or snacks.

Nutricook Smart Air Fryer Grills

Indoor grilling becomes a reality with these innovative appliances. Enjoy the flavors of grilled meats, vegetables, and more in any weather and without the need for an outdoor grill.

  • Features:
    • Countertop grills with non-stick grill plates for healthier indoor grilling.
    • Adjustable temperature settings for precise control.
    • Sloped grill surfaces to drain away excess fat.
  • Benefits for Kenyan Cooking: Enjoy nyama choma flavors even in apartments or during rainy seasons. Grill fish, sausages, burgers, and vegetables with the signature chargrilled taste.

Nutricook in Kenya: Innovations and Features

Nutricook offers unique features that add value for Kenyan users:

Where to Buy Nutricook in Kenya

Nutricook appliances are readily available in Kenya through:

Latest Nutricook Cookers in Kenya


If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with innovative, health-conscious, and time-saving appliances, Nutricook in Kenya is an outstanding choice. Their wide range of products, thoughtful features, and ease of use make them a valuable addition to any home. Experience the difference of Nutricook and transform your cooking experience today!

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