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Ramtons Fridges & Freezers in Kenya

One of the most crucial items in your home, your fridge will last you ten years. So why not spend money on a quality one? The Ramtons line of refrigerator appliances has clever features, a premium design, plenty of space, is jam-packed with the newest advancements, and is available in a choice of designs. Single door, double door, and kitchen refrigerators are all part of this line. You may choose something trendy to meet your kitchen space and budget, ranging from small refrigerators that make the most of available space to larger refrigerator models with amazing storage capacity. Ramtons’ modern features include external condenser, adjustable thermostat, inside lights, aluminum interiors, CFC-free, adjustable thermostat, minimal noise, glass shelves, and hardtops, to name a few. Ramtons offers a wonderful selection of refrigerators and freezers that you can purchase online. Shop for the greatest refrigerators and refrigerator accessories online in Kenya at Ramtons.

Ramtons Fridges & Freezers in Kenya FAQs

1. What’s the difference between a direct-cool refrigerator and a no-frost refrigerator?

Without aid from external sources, the Direct Cool approach circulates cool air through convection, which occurs naturally. Due to the loss of your capacity to control the temperature distribution, there will be uneven cooling and a need for manual defrosting to get rid of the ice that has formed. On the other hand, the Frost Free Refrigerator type eliminates the need to manually defrost the freezer by equally dispersing the temperature inside the refrigerator using electric fans.

To put it simply, Frost-Free Refrigerators offer excellent reliability and quality. They are quite expensive because they are roomy and have extra functions. On the other hand, due to their tiny size, Direct Cool refrigerators are perfect for small families. Due to their lower electricity usage, they are less expensive to maintain than frost-free freezers.

2. What Function Does The Chiller Compartment In The Fridge Serve?

The chiller, which maintains perishable food products in an edible form at a temperature of between -2 and 3 degrees Celsius, is the coldest section of your refrigerator. Additionally, it assists in reducing bacterial and odor cross-contamination.

What Exactly Is A Showcase Chiller/Fridge?

A showcase chiller is a refrigerator that keeps goods cold while promoting them to clients in an effort to boost sales. In a standard chiller, you can store beverages, fruits, milk, pastries, cakes, and other delicacies. Due to the high temperatures outside, businesses are able to keep food and beverages at a specific temperature with the use of technical equipment. This prevents delicacies from becoming contaminated.

4. A double door or a single door: which is preferable?

An advantage of a single-door refrigerator is:

As a result of using 30–40% less energy than double-door refrigerators, single-door refrigerators are more energy-efficient.

Natural convection and direct cooling techniques are used in single-door refrigerators.

Single-Door refrigerators are smaller than double-door refrigerators in terms of space requirement.

Positive aspects of a double-door refrigerator

Because double door refrigerators include an auto-clean feature, you can avoid manually cleaning the ice in them.

A double door refrigerator’s improved chilling effect keeps food fresher for longer compared to single door refrigerators. This ensures that the food is secure to eat for a considerable amount of time.

Larger bottles of water or other beverages can be stored more easily on the shelves of double door refrigerators since they have greater shelf space.

Knowing the advantages of both will help you choose which is best for you.

5. What Is A Fridge’s Price In Kenya?

There are budget/cheap versions and high-end variants that cost millions of rupees, and the price varies depending on the variant, such as the Double Door, Single Door, Mini-Refrigerator, Side By Side Refrigerator and Chest Freezer, Smart Features, Capacity, etc.

6. What Are Kenya’s Top Fridge Brands?

Ramtons is one of the best sites to go if you want to get a refrigerator online. We provide a selection of refrigerator appliances that are technologically advanced and will complement the style and layout of your kitchen or commercial area. We also have a selection of stainless steel refrigerators and stainless steel fridges online if you’re not too bothered by the fancy additions and just want a durable and effective appliance. Choose between single or double door refrigerators, direct cooling appliances, no frost refrigerators, showcase chillers, chest freezers, and glass top chest freezers in a variety of finishes.