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Ramtons Cookers in Nairobi Kenya

Goodbye take-outs and hello to yummy, wholesome homemade food! The Ramtons range of standing cookers are packed with features that will help you prepare a wide variety of dishes with ease, and allow you to be a masterchef within the comforts of your home. All those elaborate dishes that you dreamed of making in your home – whole chicken roast, pizzas and decadent chocolate cake can now be made in these freestanding cookers with such ease. Ramtons standing electric cooker appliances and free standing gas cookers offer you the best of both worlds; instant heat from the gas hobs will give you complete control over everything you fry or boil and the electric oven offers consistency in the temperature throughout the oven.

FAQs for cookers in Kenya

1. What Are The Different Types Of Standing Cookers in Kenya?

There are two types of Standing Cookers, namely, Standing Gas Cookers & Gas+Electric Cookers.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Freestanding Cooker And A Range Cooker?

In a nutshell, a Range Cooker is a combination of ovens, grills and hobs that are perfect for feeding big families and cooking lavish Sunday roasts. While a Free-Standing Cooker is an all-in-one cooker that stands on its own four legs. It’s got a hob on top, oven space below and some have a separate grill.

3. Are Standing Gas Cookers Cheaper Than Than Electric?

Yes, a slightly high.

4. How To Choose The Best Standing Cookers?

Mentioned below are things one should consider while buying one:

a) Space & Configuration

b) Fuel

c) Capacity

d) Warranty

e) Energy

f) Cleaning

g) Number Of Burners, Etc.

5. What Should Be The Standard Size Of A Standing Cooker For Home?

Cooker sizes will usually come in three standard sizes like 50×60, 60×60, 60×90. Depending on the height, width, etc, you choose the one that fits your home the best.