10 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen in Kenya and Make It Look More Modern

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You want to make your kitchen in Kenya look more modern, but you don’t know where to start? 

If this sounds like you, then the 10 steps in this blog post are for you! 

We will show how changing anything from lighting fixtures and appliances to paint color can have a major impact on how your kitchen looks. 

So if you’re looking for ways to refresh your kitchen and make it look different without having to spend too much money, keep reading!

1). Change the lighting fixture

If you want your kitchen to look more modern, all you need is a new light! 

This will make an instant difference. 

When replacing lights, try not to go with typical overhead fixtures. 

Instead of going for that traditional rectangular-shaped one, we recommend installing something like this under cabinet light or these recessed ceiling pendants. 

modern kitchen

A sleek and stylish option would be the Ribbon LED Strip Light which can be used in any space where there’s no outlet available 

modern kitchen

Perfect for kitchens without enough outlets on counters or below cabinets in Kenya! 

Or if you’re really looking to wow people at home, install some of these amazing copper pendant lights!

2). Replace countertops and flooring material

The next thing many homeowners do when wanting their kitchen to look more modern is replacing countertops and flooring material too. 

For instance, granite surfaces and wood floors can give your kitchen a fresh, updated look while adding value. 

granite kitchen tops in kenya

You could also opt for polished concrete flooring which is an eco-friendly alternative that looks modern and comes in many different colors too!

Don’t be afraid of picking out bold colors or patterns either – just make sure it all matches well together so it doesn’t create visual chaos in the space. 

Try using dark brown kitchen cabinets with a patterned or colorful backsplash.

3). Changing Appliances

To have that modern kitchen in Kenya, you might want to consider changing your appliances in Kenya.

Think of exchanging things like old refrigerators or even sinks with new ones (perhaps stainless steel if they’re not already).

This will at the very least make them more up-to-date than before.

And don’t forget about replacing dishwashers in Kenya or garbage disposals either.

These updates might be small but they’ll have a huge impact on how your kitchen feels overall.

4). Choose Colors Wisely

It is important that colors chosen for walls or cabinets are ones that complement each other because they should be complementary, not contrasting tones. 

You want people who enter this space to feel comfortable.

So try out different combinations until you find what looks best on paper before committing to an entire surface area of paint for instance. 

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to be all white and stainless steel. 

You can use more natural tones like browns, greens, or even yellows if you want to create an earthy vibe. 

Perhaps the most daring thing you could do is paint one wall bright green for contrast! 

If not a full-on makeover, adding some colorful accessories will liven up any space; think mixing bold patterns with classic black and whites.

And don’t forget about appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers too! 

They come in many sizes but also many colors now which means there’s no excuse not to get something aesthetically pleasing.

5). Add Storage

One of the most important things a kitchen in Kenya can do is to provide storage space for everything from dishes, pans, and utensils to food items like pasta, frozen goods, or even canned goods. 

The less time you spend searching around your cupboards (or looking all over the house) for what you need, the more efficient you’ll be in getting dinner on the table! 

Plus it’s much easier when people come over they don’t have to search too hard so they feel welcomed and appreciated by their host instead of inconvenienced which will make them want to visit again soon! 

Don’t forget about under-the-counter cabinets that are perfect for storing spices as well as other small containers like sugar packets. 

For big items like pots and pans, you can get a nifty pot rack that hangs from the ceiling in your kitchen so it doesn’t take up any counter or cupboard space.

6). Add some plants for freshness and life to your space

Adding greenery into our homes has been shown in studies to help improve mental health by reducing stress levels – it’s also just a nice way to add that touch of nature we all need. 

7). Add some artwork to your space

Add a few pieces of art that make you happy and go well with the other colors in your kitchen. 

It helps give it more of an inviting feel as well! 

ADDITIONALLY, don’t forget about adding plants or flowers for color – succulents are another great option because they require minimal care. 

8). Update Hardware For A Modern Kitchen Look 

Switch out those old knobs on the cabinets and drawers with newer, sleeker style hardware.

This is one-touch not many people think of when updating their kitchens but can really help update it! 

9). Consider going monochromatic

This tip only applies if there’s already just one main color in the room and you’re looking to add another. 

But if that’s the case, try going for a more neutral shade of that color or using white trim for contrast.

10). Add Decorative Trays 

Paint one wall (or two!) with a bright accent color like yellow, blue or red! 

Paint an entire wall either turquoise or pink- it will not only give your kitchen new life but also makes it feel very welcoming. 

Furthermore, paint all four walls with light colors and then put up some large artwork on three of them – this is a great way to bring focus to specific pieces while still having something interesting happening on every other wall!

Bonus Tip: Explore new ways to use your current kitchen layout 

Best way to refresh? Get inspired! 

Check out this Pinterest board with modern kitchens, or an article on Houzz.com that has all the latest trends in home decorating. 

Ideas are endless so enjoy exploring them as you please. 

There’s no such thing as too many modern kitchen ideas in Kenya when it comes to making over any room within your house – including the often-forgotten kitchen!

If we’ve done our jobs right, these tips should give you some excellent ideas for redesigning those outdated areas into ultra-stylish spaces perfect for entertaining guests or simply spending time at home.

Bullet tips to have a modern kitchen in Kenya

  • Don’t have a dishwasher? Keep your pots and pans together in one cupboard, or put them all conveniently on the stove. You’ll want to make sure you have enough room for cooking too!
  • If you’re like most people, chances are good that there’s an area of counter space where absolutely nothing gets done at all – it’s just sitting empty…don’t let this be wasted space! Put up shelves and use the surface as storage for things like baking sheets or other kitchen tools so they don’t take up any precious cabinet space.
  • Get rid of anything old, worn out, or broken from your kitchenware collection before starting fresh by buying new ones with similar functions but with updated styles (and maybe even some different materials).
  • Add a new pop of color to your kitchen by changing the paint on the walls or cabinets.
  • Use pieces you already have, like wallpaper that has some greenery in it, or pick up a piece at an IKEA for cheap, and add more plants to spice things up!
  • Lighting is always important – especially when trying to make something feel updated like with all these other changes happening! Add some pendant lights over your island or install those dimmer switches so they can be turned down low during evening hours. 
  • Display any favorite foodie pictures from Instagram on top of your fridge or freezer and you’ll have a much more personalized space that’s all your own.
  • Think about how to make the kitchen feel like part of an open concept living room – by keeping it clean, adding new plants on top of cabinets, using color in unexpected ways (like with flower petals) for some fresh vibes…
  • For those who need storage solutions: Add some floating shelves above your stove or oven just smaller shelving as needed! And take advantage of any unused wall spaces too – there are so many different options out there these days and if your handy enough DIYing yourself something can be cheaper than buying brand new units.
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