10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Beautiful in Kenya

10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Beautiful in Kenya Leave a comment

In this blog post, you are going to learn 10 ways to make your kitchen more beautiful.

Kitchens are at the heart of any home, and they’re usually the place where the family gathers. 

Kitchens can also be a source of creativity for those who love to cook or bake. 

Even if you don’t have an interest in cooking but still want to make your kitchen more beautiful, there are plenty of ways to do so with paint colors and window treatments – even without making structural changes!

Find inspirations

Make Your Kitchen More Beautiful in Kenya

The first step is always finding inspiration from other people’s kitchens on blogs, Pinterest boards, magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens. 

You’ll probably find that some images motivate you while others give you creative ideas about how different spaces could look. 

When it comes time to put together all these pieces into one cohesive design plan for your own space, you’ll have a great starting point.

Have a budget

The second step is figuring out what your budget will allow for – whether this means making structural changes or just changing the paint color and window treatments. 

You may find that these two things are enough to make your kitchen more beautiful.

But if not then it’s time to start getting creative with solutions like painting different surfaces in different colors, using stencils on the walls, or adding shelves where there were none before.


Make Your Kitchen More Beautiful in Kenya

Lighting can make or break a space, and it’s an easy thing to change but sometimes not so straightforward. 

If you find your kitchen has too many shadows cast by bright overhead lights then try installing recessed lighting. 

It’ll be worth the time and money if it helps cut down on all those dark corners that make any room feel less inviting (plus they’re great for cooking in).

Storage can Make Your Kitchen More Beautiful in Kenya

Storage can Make Your Kitchen More Beautiful in Kenya

If there are few open surfaces left in your apartment because of how much stuff you have piled up everywhere, one solution is to purchase some shelving units from Ikea which will help with storage as well as make things look more organized.

Color Schemes

kitchen Color Schemes in Kenya

The key here is making sure colors complement each other instead of clashing.

Leave yourself some room for experimentation and don’t be afraid to mix and match new shades with old favorites.

But always keep the effect of your kitchen in mind before you start painting (look at a color wheel for help).



Refinish the countertops, especially if they have an outdated look or are scratched up from years of kitchen work. 

If there’s no budget right now, consider painting over them instead. 

Not only does it make a big difference in appearance but also helps protect your counters while you save money by refinishing at a later date when finances allow

When choosing colors for countertops, don’t forget about cabinets too because they often dictate what color will work best on the walls behind them.

Using Wall art to make your kitchen beautiful

Using Wall art to make your kitchen beautiful

Wall art is one of the best ways to make your kitchen feel more beautiful. 

Lots of people think it’s difficult or too expensive but there are lots of affordable and easy options for you. 

You can either paint a mural across one wall using chalkboard paint, or you could buy framed art that matches your decor.

Bronze hardware

Bronze hardware

This is another beautiful way to make your kitchen feel more traditional and elegant. 

If you want an industrial look then stainless steel would be perfect for the job but if not then bronze will do just fine! 

It’s important to note that these finishes are timeless so they won’t go out of style any time soon.


Cabinets ideas in kenya

The cabinets in your kitchen will be the place you store all your plates, pans, and utensils – so it’s important to consider which type would work best for you when buying them. 

Replace old cabinets with new ones so they’re both more functional and stylish. 

Add LED lights inside or paint them for extra interest

Focal points

Focal points

It may seem like a small detail, but if you can find just one focal point that will tie in all elements within the room then work with this as your theme and everything else should fall into place. 

For example, choosing a sunny yellow color on most items in order to add warmth and happiness to the room.

Buy new dishware! 

Buy new dishware!

Everyone loves a fresh set of dishes and you’ll be amazed at how much it changes the look and feel of your home.

If you’re redoing your cabinets, consider replacing the hardware to match your new paint colors or other design elements in the room.

It will make a big difference! 

Painting Doors and drawers can also give them a fresh new look on top of hiding imperfections from old finishes which may have come off over time.

Swap Kitchen accessories

Swap Kitchen accessories

Choose one thing in each room that doesn’t work for you, then swap it out with something else. 

This can really help make everything flow together nicely without going over budget or making huge renovations like painting every single wall white (yes, we’re looking at all those Pinterest boards). 

Cover the nasty floors

Cover the nasty floors

Bring in a runner or rug to cover up those nasty-looking hardwood floors  – IKEA has great ones that are easy on the wallet and so effective! 

Add other brightly colored textiles for extra interest, like this one from Target.

Get backsplash

Get backsplash

If you don’t have a tile backsplash, now is the time to buy some. Again, this can be done without having to paint all your walls and put in the new carpet too.

Give each room its own style! 

A shared design aesthetic creates an informal look that’s not cohesive at all which will make it feel like you’re living in one giant space rather than three or four different ones.

Go big with statement furniture pieces

Go big with statement furniture pieces

Adding large items like sofas and dining tables instantly changes the atmosphere of a room because they take up more visual real estate than less imposing things like chairs for example. 

If you go with something oversized or out of proportion then try sticking with just one other piece that matches well enough to not look like an afterthought.

Furniture in the corners

Put furniture in corners and along walls to make the room feel smaller. 

This is a foolproof trick for making any space seem more cozy or intimate, whether it’s your living area or kitchen. 

You can also try placing new pieces around the perimeter of the room: this will help you create different zones that are defined by type instead of size and shape alone.

Paint all surfaces white if possible! 

Paint all surfaces white if possible!

No matter what color is already on a wall, painting it something bright but neutral (such as pure white) will instantly give it more life without overwhelming other colors with too much contrast which some people find distracting rather than energizing their surroundings.

Install a lamp near the kitchen table

Install a lamp near the kitchen table

If there isn’t enough natural light in the room, try installing a light fixture or lamp near your kitchen table. 

The right lighting will make it much easier for you to read recipes and enjoy meals with friends and family.

Consider ways of utilizing different textures

Consider ways of utilizing different textures

By incorporating some rough surfaces into your space (such as wood), you’ll help reduce glare on other materials in the area that might be more reflective such as stainless steel appliances, dark marble countertops etcetera. 

Declutter the entryways

Declutter the entryways

Draw attention away from high traffic areas like entryways or stairs with an attractive rug woven out of natural fibers instead! 

A living plant can also provide a peaceful atmosphere without taking up too much floor space; just add one to a corner shelf where it won’t get trampled underfoot during dinner time. 

Install shelving units

Install shelving units

A few inexpensive tweaks like installing shelving units above eye level or adding hooks by doorways can really spruce up an otherwise unappealing space without costing much at all! 

And if you happen to be planning a kitchen renovation project soon, we recommend having one of our designers assist with selecting light fixtures that are appropriate for the specific needs of each area – especially if they’ll need some degree of illumination after dark.

Get high-quality lighting

High-quality lighting can make all the difference when it comes to creating a beautiful kitchen, and not just because they’re practical! 

A well-designed light fixture will provide sufficient illumination.

And also enhance your kitchen’s decor with its color, shape, or texture in addition to making functional improvements like providing task lighting for cooking tasks while minimizing glare so you won’t have trouble reading ingredients on food packages.

Get extra storage space

Who doesn’t love having some extra storage space? 

If you make sure that anything stored indoors is sealed off from moisture damage as much as possible – whether by wrapping delicate items in plastic wrap or storing them inside airtight containers – chances are good that those things will last longer than if they were left exposed. 

Finally, don’t forget about the backsplash! Not only will it add some much-needed personality to your kitchen, but it can also serve as a helpful tool for cleaning up spills.

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