Buying a Microwave in Kenya

Buying a Microwave in Kenya 2

If you’re in the market for a new microwave in Kenya, then you’ve come to the right place. 

This article will give you all of the information that you need so that your purchase is an informed one. 

We will cover microwaves and how they work, as well as some things to keep in mind when purchasing one. 

More importantly, we’ll talk about what features are important (and which ones are not), and our favorite picks for each category!

What is a microwave in Kenya and how do they work?

A microwave is an electronic kitchen appliance that uses microwaves in order to create energy waves which then heat or cook anything inside it. 

Microwaves use microwaves, which are a type of electromagnetic radiation that oscillates at around the frequency of 24 GHz

This is way higher than what humans can hear! 

It’s also well below visible light frequencies and it’s considered one of the weakest forms of radiation on Earth (in terms of strength). 

That being said, you should never put your head in front or behind a microwave while it’s running because even though there may be no harm done if done occasionally, prolonged exposure to these waves can damage cells.

These waves penetrate through metal but not water.

So you cannot use them with foods like rice or eggs if there isn’t a bowl made out of nonstick material underneath it; this means you need to use a glass or plastic bowl if you want to cook an egg in it.

Dangers of using microwave in Kenya

Microwaves can also be dangerous for human beings because the waves they produce are at such high frequencies that.

And when absorbed by living cells, may cause these cells to break down and die.

Is microwaved food bad for you?

The dangers of microwaving food have been well documented and researched over the years.

And many studies show that there is no conclusive evidence suggesting microwave cooking is any healthier than other forms of cooking (i.e., grilling). 

In fact, one study found that people who used microwaves were more likely to get cancer as compared to those who did not use them regularly – especially among female users where the risk was two times higher than women who never used them.

Why then do people use microwave ovens?

One of the most common reasons why people use microwave in Kenya is because they are faster than other forms of cooking. 

For instance, cereal can be cooked in a few minutes while it would take up to 20-30 minutes for boiling water and oats or another grain to cook from scratch.

As well, some individuals may not feel like standing around with pots on the stove prepping food all day long – especially those who have jobs that require them to work outside the home (e.g., office workers).

People tend to view microwaves as an easy way out when entertaining guests without hassle – simply heat up a frozen meal before company arrives or whip together something quick such as a garlic bread pizza recipe.

Types of microwave in Kenya

There are two general types of microwave ovens in Kenya – built-in or stand-alone. 

a). Built-in microwaves 

microwave in Kenya

They tend to be cheaper and more efficient.

But they can’t always be used conveniently because you must have space for a cabinet above the stovetop for installation. 

b). Stand-alone microwaves

countertop microwave in Kenya

These ones fit on your countertop with no prerequisites other than electricity (and an outlet). 

That is why they can also be referred to as countertop microwaves in Kenya.

Because they are mounted on the counter near an outlet for a power source and usually have more wattage than portable microwaves.

These may cost up to 50K depending on what features/brand you get, which is why we recommend doing the research before making this purchase!

c). Portable Microwave Ovens

Portable Microwave Ovens in kenya

These plug into outlets to cook your food but they’re less powerful, smaller in size.

And can be limited by their cord length so it’s often not possible to use them in certain places like large kitchens or outdoors (though there is at least one brand that offers a long-range version).

Additionally, microwave in Kenya can be categorized based on how they work;

a). Convection ovens

Convection ovens use the hot air that’s circulating around your food to help cook it. 

The heat is coming from all sides, not just one spot on the bottom of a pan like with traditional cooking methods.

Convection ovens have fans inside that circulate air so food cooks more evenly; they’re usually used for baking cakes rather than cooking things like meat.

b). Cooktop ovens

Cooktop ovens use electric coils to cook the food.

And these are generally seen as more efficient because of how they can be programmed to heat up quickly and maintain a consistent temperature.

Once you have decided on the type of microwave oven in Kenya to buy, let us move on with helping you pick the best.

What size of microwave do I need?

The most important consideration when buying a microwave is the size of your kitchen. 

For example, if you have an open floor plan then it may not be necessary to buy a large unit because there’s likely room for two or three microwaves in such an arrangement. 

If your space is tight and you don’t want appliances taking up valuable surface area, get one that has just enough wattage to do what you need without being unnecessarily powerful and wasting electricity.

If cooking meals with multiple dishes, consider getting more than one oven.

They can generally work together simultaneously by using the same power cord but only heating food from one direction at a time so as not to overcook anything (this will also save energy).

The most common microwave sizes

  • Small: 0.75 cubic ft – 300 watts – Good for: Heating up soups or coffee; also ideal for college dorms
  • Medium: 0.90 to .94 cubic feet (cu ft) or 600 to 700 watts  – Good for: Quickly cooking meals without sacrificing counter space
  • Large: between one and two cu ft, 900-1000+ wattage – Good for: Quickly cooking meals without sacrificing counter space
  • Extra Large: more than two cuft 1200+ wattage – Good for Bigger families and anyone who uses a microwave to cook meals often

What microwave wattage do I need?

The wattage of the microwave will depend on the size you are looking for. 

Small: 300 watts, medium: 600-700 watts, and large 900-1000+ wattage

Extra Large microwaves require at least 1200 watts or more to keep up with intense use without becoming damaged quickly. 

Microwave in Kenya that use this much power typically have a higher cost as well because they need to be able to run continuously while operating under high heat loads in order not to overheat themselves too easily. 

There is no harm in being overly cautious about your purchase if it means saving money down the line!

What microwave features and specs should I look for?

The features and specs to look for in a microwave are as follows:

1). Microwave Modes

The most common modes when using your microwave in Kenya are defrosting, reheating, and speed cooking. 

Other more specialized modes include popcorn popping, melting butter or cheese on toast, gently warming baby food without overheating it (which can be dangerous), and browning items like bacon without overcooking them. 

2). Timer Functions 

This will depend on how frequently you need it.

But the timer functions should allow you to set an alarm that will go off if you want your cooked item done at a certain time of day.

So that you don’t have to worry about being home exactly when it needs to cook. 

Also important is having something with auto-shutoff if the timer does go off.

3). Microwave Capacity 

This is likely going to depend on how much food you need to make at a time, but for most households.

Something in the 1100-1500 watt range will be sufficient and offers more versatility than lower power microwaves which are usually better used when cooking single portions or reheating leftovers. 

4). Appearance 

This can vary widely depending on preferences but some things to consider are whether your microwave in Kenya should match with other kitchen appliances (such as stovetop) and if you plan on displaying it out in the open area of your cabinetry where guests might see it.

If this matters then choose an appliance that has nice aesthetics or add trimming around the top edges of the microwave.

Extra Features 

Sensor cooking

Some microwaves have more features than others such as sensor cooking which automatically sets the power level based on how full a dish is or gluten-free menus that are set to low heat for safety reasons. 

Child lock

Other common extra features include a child lock, timer, and auto-start capabilities. 

These can be useful if you want children in your household supervised while using them.

Or need an appliance with specific timing requirements like recipes requiring 30 seconds of cooking followed by 60 seconds resting time between batches.

So food doesn’t overcook from exposure to microwave radiation.


Some microwave in Kenya have a turntable that rotates the food, so you don’t need to stir it and risk breaking any bones. 

You can also buy microwave pans with handles for this purpose if your oven doesn’t come with one.

How often should I replace a microwave?

General Electric recommends replacing microwaves every seven to ten years. This is based on the frequency of use, power output, and if you have a drawer that opens over 100 degrees or not.

Which is the best microwave in Kenya?

Here are the best microwave ovens in Kenya.

Ramtons RM/458Type: Countertop
Size: 40 x 30 x 50 cm
Turntable: 10.75 inches
Capacity: 20L
Power: 700 W
Power Levels: 5
Features: Defrost by weight/time, Cooking end signal, 8 auto menus, Glass turntable, Child lock safety
Simple, clean design
Compact size
Child lock safety
Sometimes, the silver finish fades and appears stainyBUY HERE
LG MH6336GIBType: Countertop
Size: Width (mm) 476 Height (mm) 272 Depth (mm) 387
Turntable: Φ292 (mm)
Capacity: 23L
Power: 1700 W
Power Levels:
Features: Smart Inverter, Even Heating, Fast Cooking, Tasty Grilling, 99.99% Anti-bacterial Easyclean™
Large capacity
Easy to clean
Uniform heating
Slightly expensiveBUY HERE
VON HMS-210DS/VAMS-20DGSType: Countertop
Size: 31.8 x 45.2 x 26.2 cm
Capacity: 20L
Power: 700 W
Power Levels: 7
Features: Jet defrost, Weight defrost, Memory cooking, Inbuilt clock, End reminder signal, Child lock, Silver finish
Mechanical control
Auto cook menu
Preprogrammed settings don’t work wellBUY HERE
Haier HP70J20AL-V2Type: Countertop
Size: 46.6 x 38.9 x 26.8 cm
Capacity: 20L
Power: 700 W
Power Levels: 7
Features: Program Cooking, Preset & Express, Safe child lock, Time & Display
Uniform heating
Extra-large space
Energy saving
Doesn’t light or show food from outside
Takes a little longer to warm food
Hifinit HFM-T20MWType: Countertop
Size: 44.6 x 34 x 24.3 cm
Capacity: 20L
Power: 700 W
Power Levels: 6
Features: 30-minute timer, Time defrost, Grip handle, End of cooking signal
Fast heating
Energy saving360 degree heating
Longer cooking timesBUY HERE

1). Ramtons Microwave in Kenya

Ramtons Microwave in Kenya

Ramtons RM/458 Digital Glass Microwave is an ideal solution for the modern kitchen

The 20-liter capacity microwave provides a number of useful features such as 8 auto menus, defrost by weight or time, and cooking end signal. 

This model also comes with a glass turntable so you can easily rotate your food ensuring even cooking throughout. 

There are 5 power levels to choose from, including turbo and 700 watts of power output. 

The 95-minute digital timer allows you to accurately control the length of time you want your food to cook while the child lock safety feature helps keep kids away.

If you are looking for the best microwave in Kenya, this is it.

Product features;

  • Defrost by weight/time
  • Cooking end signal
  • 8 auto menus
  • Glass turntable
  • Child lock safety
  • Pull handle door
  • 230V-50Hz
  • Height 40Cm, Width 30Cm, Depth 50Cm

Ramtons microwave price in Kenya is KSh 8,784 on Jumia.

2). LG Microwave MH6336GIB 23L Solo

LG Microwave MH6336GIB 23L Solo

LG microwave in Kenya is designed with a host of innovative features and functions, including an exclusive Turbo Defrost function that thaws frozen food in a fraction of the time it takes conventional ovens. 

This helps you get dinner on the table faster so you can spend more time enjoying your family. 

LG’s unique Dual Cook feature allows you to prepare two dishes at once – such as roast chicken and vegetables or cake and brownies – using just one microwave oven. 

And when you’re looking for a fast way to warm up leftovers, LG comes with the inverter technology that provides fast heating at lower power levels.

This ensures the food inside gets heated evenly without overcooking. 

This means that your food will be cooked in less time and with less energy than conventional microwaves, saving you money on your electricity bills, making it the best microwave in Kenya.

Product Features:

  • Microwave + Grill + Combi Cooking
  • Door Open Alarm 
  • Easy Clean Coating (Antibacterial) 
  • Eco On & I Wave System 
  • Sensor Cook & Auto Reheat Function 
  • Time Defrost & Weight Defrost Function 
  • Half Load Facility Function

LG microwave prices in Kenya range from KSh 18495 to Ksh 73995 on Jumia.

This MH6336GIB 23 L Solo model is going for KSh 20,495 on Jumia.

3). VON HMS-210DS/VAMS-20DGS Digital Solo Microwave Oven

VON HMS-210DS/VAMS-20DGS Digital Solo Microwave Oven

This is the best Hotpoint microwave in Kenya.

The VON Solo Microwave Oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

With a 20 liter capacity, this microwave oven offers plenty of room for all your cooking needs. 

The 700W power ensures that it heats up quickly and evenly. 

This microwave features seven auto cook menus for making delicious meals in no time at all!

Product features;

  • Quick start function
  • Push-button (no handle)
  • Jet defrost
  • Weight defrost
  • Memory cooking
  • Inbuilt clock
  • End reminder signal
  • Child lock

Hotpoint microwave price in Kenya is KSh 8,895 on Jumia.

4). Haier HP70J20AL-V2 -Digital Microwave Oven – 20 Litres

Haier HP70J20AL-V2 BEST Digital Microwave Oven - 20 Litres

Haier Microwave Oven is a must-have for every kitchen in Kenya. It cooks food faster and tastier than the conventional ways of cooking.

The unique digital display with clock, timer, and auto-cook function makes it easy to use. And it’s also equipped with a child safety lock to ensure the safety of your family members.

Product features:

  • Output: 700W.
  • Capacity: 20 Litres.
  • Color: Black.
  • Digital Clock
  • Program Cooking.
  • Preset & Express.
  • Safe child lock
  • Time & Display.

Haier Microwave Oven price in Kenya is KSh 8,699 on Jumia.

5). Hifinit HFM-T20MW-Microwave in Kenya

Hifinit HFM-T20MW-Microwave in Kenya

Hifinit microwave in Kenya is easy to use and have a great performance. 

They are designed for those who appreciate the convenience of having an oven in their kitchen but don’t want to sacrifice the flavors of traditional cooking methods. 

Hifinit microwaves offer 6 power levels, a 30-minute timer with auto shutoff, defrost mode for frozen foods, a 60-second express cook option, and automatic turntable rotation.

The HIFINIT HFM-T20MW Microwave Oven is a 20L microwave that offers quick and convenient cooking options. It has mechanical dial controls and multiple cooking for modes including; french fries, popcorn, pizza, beverage, spaghetti, and steak.

Product features;

  • 6 microwave power levels
  • 30-minute timer
  • Time defrost
  • Grip handle
  • End of cooking signal
  • Unit Dimensions ( WXDXH ): 446 x 340 x 243 mm
  • Unit Weight: 9.4kg

Hifinit microwave price in Kenya is KSh 6,799 on Jumia.

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