How To Buy The Best Dishwasher in Kenya

How To Buy The Best Dishwasher in Kenya (Prices Included) 5

In this blog post, we will show you how to buy the best dishwasher in Kenya.

This blog post is written for people who want to buy a new dishwasher in Kenya and are looking for some guidance on what features they should be taking into consideration when making their purchasing decisions. 

We discuss energy efficiency, noise level, size of load capacity, price range, water usage per cycle, and warranty length in this article.

Warning; This is a 3K plus word article, use the table below to navigate it😎.

Types of dishwashers in Kenya

Here are the types of dishwashers in Kenya

1). Countertop Dishwasher

dishwasher in Kenya

This is the most popular type, and it’s also one of the cheapest. 

They’re typically less than 100K for a small space like an apartment or dorm room.

But they have to be installed on top of your kitchen counter which may not always be possible depending on how much storage you need below your counters.

2). Built in Dishwasher in Kenya

dishwasher in Kenya

The cost ranges from around 60K to 80K+. 

These can provide more space if you don’t want to install a dishwasher above your sink that will take up both spaces. 

It’s important not to buy new appliances without knowing what size cabinets there are because this appliance could get wasted. 

3). Portable Dishwasher

This dishwasher in Kenya can be installed on the ground, and can easily be moved to a different location if you need it. 

They are typically cheaper than countertop models as well because they don’t require any installation or electrical work. 

The downside is that these dishwashers cannot accommodate large dishes like pots, pans, or roasters – which means some of your dirty dishes won’t get clean!

If you have small plates and bowls with all of your other kitchen items then this might not matter much for you though. 

4). Built-in Dishwasher Above Sink (Counter Top) 

built-in Dishwasher Above Sink

This type works best when there’s no cabinet space below counters but still wants more room for stacking and storing dishes – say in a galley kitchen. 

This type of dishwasher in Kenya is also popular in apartments and houses with limited space because it doesn’t take up precious floor or cabinet space! 

These models are installed directly to the countertop via mounting brackets that come included (or will require some installation). 

The downside is they can only accommodate smaller plates, bowls, and cups on top so you’ll need to figure out where your dirty dishes go – be creative!

5). Integrated dishwasher in Kenya

Integrated dishwasher in kenya

These dishwashers are built into your kitchen cabinets and counter. 

They can be hard to install, expensive, and often require special space for the pipes that clean all of the water out before it goes back down through your plumbing system. 

However, this is a good option if you have room in your cabinets or don’t mind spending some money on installation 

Types of dishwashers based on size

Compact Dishwasher 

Compact Dishwasher

Compact dishwashers are designed for smaller households that don’t need big capacity appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators. 

It also comes in handy when there is not much storage space available due to some other

Full size dishwasher

Full size dishwasher

Full size dishwasher is designed for families that have a larger family and need to wash dishes by the bucket load. 

It also comes in handy when you are in need of washing large pots, pans, or other items too big to fit into your sink

Slimline dishwashers 

Slimline dishwashers

Slimline dishwashers are generally smaller in width but have a long design that can accommodate up to 12 place settings. 

They also come in handy when you don’t want your appliance sticking out from the kitchen cabinets.

What to look for when buying a dishwasher in Kenya

Here are the things you should look for when shopping for a dishwasher in Kenya.


This is the most important thing to think about while shopping. 

Make sure that your dishwasher in Kenya will fit inside of the space you have and also can accommodate all the dishes you own.

Noise Level

Yes, this sounds like a weird thing to worry about when getting a new appliance but it’s true! 

Some models are louder than others so always be on the lookout for an exhaust fan with sound insulation because these work wonders at lowering noise levels.


Ok – I know this seems pretty obvious but trust me there are people out there who buy whatever they want without ever considering price first and in some cases end up regretting their purchase later.

So how much should one expect to pay? 

Well, prices can vary anywhere from KES 52K to over KES 80K for the most expensive models.

So it’s all about determining what you can afford and how important each of these features is to your needs.

You’ll want to consider this especially if you’re on a tight budget or don’t think you can afford certain features like an expensive water filter or a fancy stainless steel finish. 

But do know that in general more money equals better quality so even though at first glance something may seem pricey take into account everything it offers before making your final decision.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that dishwashers use a lot of power? 

Sure, they use less than a full-sized refrigerator but if cost is an issue then this could be something worth considering.


Before purchasing a dishwasher in Kenya make sure to measure the space in your kitchen where you will place the new machine. 

For example, even though one model might have more cleaning cycles or different drying options don’t purchase it if there won’t be enough room left on either side due to its size.

Quality of Construction

This is one that might not be too important to some people but it could make a difference for others. 

Some dishwashers are made with plastic parts while others have mostly metal construction which means the latter will last longer and there will be less chance of rusting.

How many people will use the dishwasher? 

You’ll need one with enough space inside for all those plates and bowls without them getting too clogged up together. 

Make sure there is room both at the top and bottom because most dishes can’t lay flat on their sides as some just have bottoms like wine glasses meaning half of it won’t get washed. 

If there’s just one person living at home they don’t need a large loader capacity because washing dishes by hand takes much less water than running them through the dishwasher. 

On the other hand, someone who lives alone might not have time to wash all of their dishes before bedtime.

So it could become difficult without a larger load capacity which means fewer loads per week!

If two people live at home with two dishwasher loads a day, then they would need an energy-efficient machine with at least a 14-place capacity

If four people live in the home and all do their own dishes every night, then you’ll want to get a 24-place or larger load size so that washing your dishes doesn’t take any longer than necessary.

Number of wash cycles

There are typically two cycles – a short one for when you’re in hurry and need to get the dishes clean fast, or a longer cycle which can be set according to how dirty they are by adding more water.


A good capacity should be at least 14 place settings of dishes inside because this includes plates, bowls, cups, glasses, etc. 

If there are more than two people living in your home then go with 16+.

Touchpad controls

Not everyone has an app installed on their phone that connects with their appliances.

But if you do then touchpad controls could be useful for turning the appliance off remotely from outside before leaving home without having to enter a code.

Stainless steel or plastic tubs

Stainless steel may look nicer but it’s also much more expensive and stains easily.

So you might want to go with the cheaper option of buying a dishwasher that has an entirely plastic tub inside instead. 

Height of racks/tubs

If your kitchen is on the small side then check out how high up the dishes will be when loaded into each rack because otherwise, they could get in the way while working on other tasks. 

Whether they’re fixed or built-in

If space isn’t an issue, then consider getting a dishwasher with two baskets instead which gives more flexibility than just being able to load dishes from the top rack. 

But if you don’t have a lot of space, or want to save on countertop space for other appliances like the sink then get one that’s built into your cabinetry.

Whether it has an internal water heater

This feature is pretty helpful since it means less waiting time between cycles.

And will help make sure dishes are cleaner than if they were washed in cold water only. 

But this does come with a cost so keep that in mind before buying!

Water usage

Another factor is whether you prefer low water usage or high water usage when cleaning which can vary based on what type of soil you’re trying to scrub off plates and pots! 

*TIP* When choosing between different models, take note of whether they have an air-dry option or not as this will affect how much energy and water it uses. 

To save on power consumption we recommend going with a low-temperature wash setting where possible because high temperatures use more power and can lead to residue building up over time. 

If there’s no hot water in your family home then go ahead and choose a cold water dishwasher.

Because most of us are budget conscious when it comes to household appliances, we’ve put together some models that offer the best value for money without compromising on quality or features.

Best Dishwashers you can buy in Kenya

a). Ramtons RW/300 12 Settings Dishwasher in Kenya

Ramtons RW/300 12 Settings Dishwasher in Kenya

We like this dishwasher in Kenya because it comes with all the features we were looking for and at a reasonable price too. 

The 12 settings give you lots of options depending on what type of wash cycle you need to use: from sanitizing, drying or just rinsing dishes off.

Key Features

Slim profile takes up less space than standard dishwashers, 12 different wash settings for various needs.

  • Voltage / V-220-240V
  • 2 racks
  • Freestanding
  • Button control
  • Noise dB(A)-55


The Ramtons RW/300 gets a five out of five stars from us because it has everything we need and is also affordable too. We recommend this dishwasher to anyone looking for the features that our dishwasher offers at a good price!

I like to have lots of options when washing dishes so I like the 12 different settings on my new dishwasher. 

There are even some cycles with drying or sanitizing which are perfect if you’re preparing food occasionally in your kitchen (i.e., holiday cooking). 

The slim profile means that installation time is quick and easy too since it takes up less space than standard 24-inch models! 

Plus, it’s EnergyStar rated so it saves energy and money.

Ramtons dishwasher price in Kenya is KSh 52,700 on Jumia.

b). LG Dishwasher in Kenya

LG Dishwasher in Kenya

The LG DFB512FP is a great dishwasher that offers 12 different wash cycles and can fit 16 place settings. 

This means you get the best of both worlds! 

You have all your options for washing dishes, but it’s still compact enough to install in your kitchen without any hassle. 

The inverter technology also saves energy because it uses less water as well as only heating when necessary so there are no wasted resources or high bills from this appliance. 

I would recommend it to anyone looking for the features that our dishwasher offers at a good price!

Size Width (mm) x Height (mm) x Depth (mm) 600 x 850 x 600

LG dishwasher price in Kenya is KSh 114,495 on Jumia.

c). Armco Free Standing Dishwasher in Kenya

Armco Free Standing Dishwasher in Kenya

This dishwasher has an overall rating of five stars on Amazon with over 100 reviews. 

This is one of those products where most people have very few complaints. 

It has a stainless steel interior with a front control panel that is easy to use and displays all of your dishwasher options in big, clear print. 

The wash cycle buttons are large enough so you don’t have to squint or move closer just to read them. 

One customer said they were able to install this product without any help from a professional contractor which was great for saving time and money!

The Armco ADW-6614GZ(SS) Free Standing Dish Washer also features an adjustable upper rack if the dishes don’t fit on their own.

As well as two different folding racks inside trays below where water can be heated using a steam option before being sent through jets into the bottom tray to clean dishes.


  • Stainless Steel Interior 
  • Glass Cabinet Door
  • Adjustable Upper Rack 
  • Two Folding Racks In Side Trays
  • Steam Option For Hot Water Cleaning Below Dishes 
  • Large Wash Cycle Buttons That Are Easy To Read 
  • Product Lifetime Warranty
  • Dishwasher Stays Cleaner Long Term 
  • Energy Star Certified 
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 595x625x820

Armco dishwasher price in Kenya is KSh 55,950 on Jumia.

d). Newmatic Built-in Dishwasher

Newmatic Built-in Dishwasher

The Newmatic Built-In Dishwasher in Kenya (DW12SNTB) comes with many features to ensure easy maintenance both inside and outside of this appliance. 

It has two foldable roils inside trays as well as a fingerprint-resistant coating on the door for quick cleaning. 

This dishwasher also has an adjustable upper rack so you can make sure that everything gets enough room for drying out without having anything fall through or be crushed by other dishes too much.


  • Capacity: 12 settings
  • Energy Class: A++
  • Noise Level: 52 dB
  • Washing Efficiency: A
  • Drying Efficiency : A
  • Safety: Anti-flood, anti-leak, child lock
  • Rated Voltage / Frequency : 230-240V / 50Hz
  • Annual Consumption : 3360L/an (12L/cycle)
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) mm : 595 x 637 x 885

Newmatic Built-In Dishwasher price in Kenya is KSh 75,000 on Jumia.

e). Samsung dishwasher in Kenya

Samsung dishwasher in Kenya

This Samsung dishwasher Kenya has many features that make it stand out from others. It is able to soak dishes up to 50% longer than other models, making sure they are really clean and ready for the next time you need them. 

There is a sound reduction feature on this model as well so that your conversations will be easier in the kitchen with no interruptions or distractions during dinner prep times. 

Safety sensors are also included in this model to make sure you are not running it while someone is in the kitchen.

And an extra rinse cycle has been included for added sanitation protection.

The installation of this Samsung dishwasher in Kenya can be completed by any do-it-yourselfer with a clear understanding of how to read directions and use common tools such as a screwdriver or wrench. 

There are also tutorials available on the Samsung website if needed.

f). Bosch dishwasher in Kenya

Bosch dishwasher in Kenya

Bosch dishwasher in Kenya is a great buy for use in smaller kitchens with limited space. 

It washes dishes very well and will fit into any kitchen, regardless of size.

The Bosch dishwasher is also very quiet, which makes it perfect for use in any apartment or studio. It won’t interrupt conversation and noise in the kitchen.

Bosch also has this red led spot on the floor updates on whether your fully-integrated dishwasher is still operating or finished already.

Bosch dishwasher in Kenya

There are two types of Bosch dishwashers in Kenya;

Bosch free-standing dishwasher

Bosch free-standing dishwasher

Thanks to the triple Rackmatic system, the height of the top basket can easily be adjusted by up to 5 cm. 

And you can do this when it’s fully loaded. That means even more adjustment options and thus maximum flexibility.


  • Width of the product (mm) 600 mm
  • Height of the product (mm) 845 mm
  • Height of the product (mm) – 845 mm
  • Installation type Built-under
  • Digital counter
  • Removable top
  • Built-in / Free-standing – Free-standing
  • Door panel options – Not possible
  • Drying system – Inherent heat
  • Capacity: 12 place settings
  • Heating pump
  • Sliding lid central
  • Aqua-Sensor, Loading sensor

Bosch fully-integrated dishwasher

Bosch fully-integrated dishwasher

Bosch’s innovative ActiveWater technology maximizes efficiency to produce outstanding results whilst protecting the environment. 

With carefully targeted water distribution, improved filter technology, faster heating, and increased pump output for more water circulation, ActiveWater dishwashers give superb results.


  • Capacity: 12 place settings
  • 4 cleaning temperatures
  • Sliding lid central
  • Stainless steel/Polinox
  • Heating pump
  • Loading sensor
  • Detergent Detection
  • 4 PC 3-fold corrugated

This is an integrated dishwasher, meaning it will blend in with your cabinets.

Bosch dishwasher price in Kenya

Bosch dishwasher KenyaPrice
Bosch SMS46D100M Dishwasher 13PS SilverKES 104,995
Bosch SMV40C30GB Built-in DishwasherKES 111,200

g). Hisense dishwasher in Kenya

Hisense dishwasher in Kenya

Hisense HV6120UK is an integrated dishwasher in Kenya with 16 place settings and touch controls.

These appliances are designed to get your dinnerware sparkling clean without taking up precious counter space or occupying valuable floor space- making them perfect for small apartments or tight kitchens alike. 

The HV672C60UK  is one of our favorites because it features an energy-efficient design, a slim profile and hidden controls for those who prefer clean lines.


  • Auto Dry – Releases steam at the end of each cycle, leaving dishes completely dry.
  • Super Silent – Wash the dishes at any time of the day with Super Silent noise levels.
  • Inverter Technology – Powerful, more energy efficient motor with less noise.
  • 15 min Quick Wash – Wash in 15 minutes – perfect for when you’re serving multiple courses.

Is dishwasher Kenya worth buying?

Yes, dishwashers are worth buying. If you have a large family or live on your own and don’t want to do dishes by hand every day, then the purchase is an excellent investment in time savings that will pay off over time! However, as with any appliance, there are pros and cons so be sure to read our guide before investing in one for yourself.

How much is a dishwasher in Kenya?

A dishwasher price in Kenya can cost anywhere from Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 200,000, depending on what features and size you need. More expensive models will have more advanced features like heated drying cycles or adjustable racks–which might be the perfect fit for your kitchen! However, these appliances are built to last so don’t worry too much about investing in a higher-priced model if it suits your needs just fine.

As you can see, dish washing machine price in Kenya ain’t that cheap. Go through our list of the best dishwashers in Kenya.

Are there dishwashers in Kenya?

Yes, there are dishwashers in Kenya and you can find them within popular supermarkets such as Naivas or online like on Jumia and Kilimall.

How do dishwashers work in Kenya? 

Dishwashers in Kenya function by spraying water over dishes before they’re put in them; this helps break down food particles. The water is then drained and the dishwasher turns on its heating element to dry dishes before they’re put away in a cupboard or drawer. 

Newer models have an additional rinse cycle that uses heated, filtered water–but these appliances can still operate effectively without it! It’s always best to consult your manual for operating instructions pertaining to your specific machine.”

How are dishwashers installed?

Dishwashers need to be installed, which often entails drilling into your countertop and installing a water line. The dishwasher is then connected to the water line and drains away from it; this can be done with flexible hoses that you cut according to the length of your installation space or through professional plumbing work. A power cord also needs to be run so that it stays out of the way while still being able to plug in next.


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