Top Built-In Kitchen Appliances in Kenya You Must Have

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Built-in kitchen appliances are designed to integrate flawlessly into cabinetry, creating a clean, streamlined, and modern aesthetic. They are becoming increasingly popular in Kenyan kitchens as more homeowners seek to maximize space and enhance the visual appeal of their cooking areas. In this guide, we’ll explore the types of built-in appliances available in Kenya, where to find them, and the factors influencing their prices.

Types of Built-In Kitchen Appliances in Kenya

Here’s a look at the most common types of built-in appliances you can find in the Kenyan market:

  • Built-in Ovens: These ovens fit seamlessly into kitchen cabinetry, offering various cooking functions (electric or gas) like baking, grilling, and roasting. They come in single or double configurations.
  • Built-in Hobs: Designed to be installed flush with your countertop, built-in hobs provide a sleek cooking surface. You can choose between gas, electric, or induction hobs, with different burner/element configurations.
  • Built-in Hoods: Also known as range hoods or extractor hoods, they are crucial for ventilation. They remove smoke, grease, and odors while cooking. These hoods integrate seamlessly above your hob.
  • Built-in Dishwashers: These streamline dishwashing and fit neatly within kitchen cabinetry, offering time and water-saving advantages.
  • Built-in Refrigerators: While not as common as freestanding types, built-in refrigerators offer a completely integrated kitchen design, blending seamlessly with your cabinets.
  • Built-in Microwaves: Designed for cabinet installation, they free up countertop space and add a touch of modernity to your kitchen.

Where to Find Built-In Kitchen Appliances in Kenya

  • Appliance Stores: Major appliance stores in Nairobi and other cities often have dedicated sections for built-in appliances. Look for stores like Hotpoint, Newmatic, and Samsung showrooms.
  • Kitchen Design Companies: Companies specializing in kitchen design usually offer a range of built-in appliances integrated into their design services.
  • Online Marketplaces: Online platforms like Jumia and SkyGarden offer a variety of built-in appliances. You may find competitive prices, especially during promotions.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Built-in Kitchen Appliances in Kenya

  • Brand: Popular international brands like Bosch, LG, Samsung, Teka, and Whirlpool are typically more expensive than less-known brands.
  • Features: Appliances with advanced features like self-cleaning ovens, smart controls, and various cooking modes will likely come with a higher price tag.
  • Size and Capacity: Larger ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators will generally cost more.
  • Material and Finish: Stainless steel finish appliances tend to be more expensive than those with a standard white or black finish.
  • Seller: Prices can slightly vary between different distributors and sellers.

Cost Considerations for Built-In Kitchen Appliances in Kenya

Here’s a breakdown of the key factors that go beyond the appliance’s price tag and influence the overall cost of upgrading your kitchen with built-in appliances:

Cabinetry Modifications

Unless you’re designing a new kitchen from scratch, you’ll likely need to modify existing cabinetry to accommodate built-in appliances.

This might involve resizing cabinets, cutting openings, and reinforcing structures to support the appliances’ weight.

The complexity and extent of modifications will impact the overall cost.

Installation Fees

Built-in appliances typically require professional installation to ensure proper fitting, leveling, and connection to gas or electrical lines.

Installation costs can vary based on the type of appliance, the complexity of the installation, and the service provider’s rates.

Always factor in an estimated installation fee when budgeting for built-in appliances.

Electrical and Gas Line Adjustments

Some built-in appliances in Kenya may require dedicated electrical circuits with specific voltage requirements. An electrician might be needed to upgrade or create new electrical outlets.

If you’re switching to a gas hob or oven, a certified gas technician might be required to install or extend gas lines.

Hidden Costs

  • Delivery: Some retailers may charge additional delivery fees for bulky appliances like ovens and refrigerators.
  • Taxes and Import Duties: Imported appliances are subject to taxes and duties, which can increase the overall cost.
  • Extended Warranties: Consider the cost of extended warranties for additional protection beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Tips for Managing Costs

  • Plan Ahead: If you are remodeling or building a new kitchen, design it from the beginning with built-in appliances in mind to minimize costly cabinetry modifications later.
  • DIY (If Possible): If you’re handy, you might save on installation costs by handling simple tasks yourself. However, for complex electrical or gas work, always hire a qualified professional.
  • Package Deals: Some retailers offer discounts when purchasing multiple built-in appliances as a package.
  • Promotions: Look out for sales or promotions from appliance stores or kitchen design companies to find good deals.
  • Prioritize: Decide which built-in appliances are most important to you and allocate your budget accordingly. You may opt to start with one or two key appliances and gradually upgrade your kitchen.

Important Note: Always obtain accurate quotes from multiple installers and retailers, comparing the total cost (appliance + installation + other related expenses) before making a final decision.

Why Choose Built-In Kitchen Appliances in Kenya?

  • Aesthetics: The clean, seamless look enhances a modern kitchen design style.
  • Space Optimization: They free up counter space and make smaller kitchens appear more spacious.
  • Customization: Many built-in options allow you to tailor your kitchen setup based on needs and space.

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