Mika Water Dispenser Floor Standing With Sensor Taps MWDB2902BLS

Revolutionize your hydration experience with the Mika Water Dispenser Floor Standing – MWDB2902BLS. Featuring innovative Sensor Taps, this dispenser offers a touchless and convenient way to access refreshing water. The sleek floor-standing design adds a modern and stylish element to any space, making it ideal for both homes and offices. Trust in Mika’s commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology. Elevate your hydration routine with this floor-standing water dispenser, where innovation meets design seamlessly. Upgrade to Mika’s MWDB2902BLS for a sleek and hands-free solution to keep yourself refreshed. Redefine your hydration space with the perfect blend of convenience and style.

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Mika Water Dispenser Floor Standing With Sensor Taps MWDB2902BLS

Special Feature

  • Touch and Touchless Mode – choose between touch input or touchless.
  • Touch Free Sensor Taps – for a completely hygienic and sanitary water dispensing solution.
  • Motion sensor – touchless gesture input for hot or cold water.
  • Bottom Loading:
    • Easy on your back – as there is no lifting required  for the heavy water bottle
    • Safe & Stable – a bottom heavy structure minimizes risk of tipping over.
    • Sleek Aesthetic – concealed water bottle reduces visual clutter and is space efficient.

General Features:

  • Hot and Cold Water Function
  • Child Safety Lock for hot water – safeguarding curious toddlers.
  • Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank – water purity and hygiene, corrosion resistant.
  • High-efficiency Compressor Cooling – enjoy low running cost
  • Hot & Cold Water Power Switch – save on power when desired
  • Power Protection Fuse – damage protection from power surges
  • Total Power 660W
  • Heating Capacity 5 L/h
  • Cooling Capacity 2.5 L/h
  • Hot Tank Capacity 1L
  • Cold Tank Storage 3.2L
  • Hot Water storage 1.1L
  • Unique LED Light Indicators
  • Product Dimensions MM (WxDxH): 306 X 343 X 1020

Here’s how the Mika MWDB2902BLS becomes your hydration hero:

  • Touchless & Hygienic: Sensor-activated taps dispense chilled water with a simple wave, preventing cross-contamination and maintaining a clean drinking experience. No more touching levers or spouts – simply hold your glass and feel the magic of hydration.
  • Bottom-Loading Elegance: No unsightly bottles on display! The discreet bottom-loading water bottle keeps clutter at bay and maintains a streamlined aesthetic. This dispenser seamlessly blends with any kitchen décor.
  • Hot & Cold Options: Choose from chilled or hot water at the touch of a button. Enjoy icy cold beverages, soothe yourself with a steaming cup of tea, or prepare instant noodles effortlessly – the versatility is endless.
  • Child Safety Lock: Ensure peace of mind with the integrated child safety lock on the hot water tap. Keep little ones safe without sacrificing convenience.
  • Effortless Maintenance: The smooth black glass panel and dishwasher-safe stainless steel hot water tank are a breeze to clean. No more scrubbing greasy stains or battling grime – simply wipe and enjoy sparkling clean hydration.

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