Mika Water Dispenser Standing Hot & Normal with Cabinet MWD2204BL

Transform your hydration experience with the Mika Water Dispenser Standing – MWD2204BL. This innovative dispenser offers the perfect blend of Hot & Normal water options, providing versatility for every preference. The standing design, complete with a convenient built-in cabinet, adds a touch of modern elegance to your space while offering extra storage. Trust in Mika’s commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology. Elevate your hydration routine with this standing water dispenser, seamlessly combining convenience and contemporary design. Opt for Mika’s MWD2204BL for a comprehensive solution that brings both functionality and modern aesthetics to your home or office. Redefine your hydration experience with style

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Mika Water Dispenser Standing Hot & Normal with Cabinet MWD2204BL


  • Hot & Normal Water Function
  • Total Power 420
  • Heating Capacity 4.5L/h
  • Hot Tank Capacity 0.7L
  • Easy To Use Press Taps
  • Hot water Power Switch
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Power Protection Fuse
  • Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
  • Black

Here’s how the Mika MWD2204BL becomes your hydration and tidying champion:

  • Hot & Normal on Demand: Ditch the kettles and ice trays! Enjoy perfectly hot water for tea, coffee, or instant ramen, and readily access room-temperature water for drinking or filling pitchers. Whether you crave a cozy cup of chamomile or a refreshing glass of water, the MWD2204BL has you covered.

  • Effortless Organization: Say goodbye to countertop clutter! The spacious built-in cabinet offers discreet storage for mugs, glasses, or any kitchen essentials you desire. Keep your space tidy and stylish without sacrificing convenience.

  • Hygienic Touch Control: Navigate settings with ease using the intuitive touch control panel. No more fiddling with levers or knobs – simply tap and enjoy.

  • Sleek & Modern Design: The elegant black finish seamlessly blends with any kitchen décor, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your space.

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