Mika Washing Machine 10Kg Fully Automatic MWATL3510DS

The Mika Washing Machine 10Kg Fully Automatic MWATL3510DS. This powerhouse appliance is designed to handle large loads efficiently, boasting a generous 10kg capacity. With advanced features like customizable wash programs, quick wash options, and energy-saving technology, the Mika MWATL3510DS ensures a superior and convenient laundry experience. Elevate your home with cutting-edge innovation and unparalleled performance. Make laundry a breeze with the Mika 10Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine – your gateway to efficiency and excellence

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Mika Washing Machine 10Kg Fully Automatic MWATL3510DS


  • Output: 480W
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V/50Hz
  • Wash Capacity: 10Kgs
  • Spin Speed: 700 RPM
  • One Touch Fuzzy Logic – Water intake and washing time is calculated based on the weight of the clothes making it economical
  • FCS (Fast Clean System) – saves upto 40% time with uncompromised wash results.
  • I Clean –  Maintains Hygiene as tub is automatically cleaned after every cycle.
  • Water Cube Drum – Tough on Stains and gentle on fabric.
  • Water Gushed pulsator – Water flows in different directions and levels increasing washing performance by 10%
  • Auto Balance – Evenly distributes laundry
  • Soft Close Lid – avoids slamming and finger pinching
  • Easy to Clean Metal Lint Filter.
  • Add Garment – laundry can be added mid cycle
  • Less strain on your back, no bending required
  • Manual Water addition – water can be put with a bucket when there is low water pressure or no running water.
  • Hot, Cold and Warm Water Option
  • 8 Programs
  • Soak function –  for very dirty clothing
  • Delay Start – Upto 24Hrs
  • Power Out Auto Restart
  • 15 Min Quick Wash
  • Child Lock
  • Self Diagnose
  • Overheating Protection
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • Product Size (MM): 596x580x968
  • Gross Weight / Net Weight: 44kgs / 39kgs

Here’s how the Mika MWATL3510DS will become your laundry day champion:

  • 10Kg Capacity: Conquer medium to large laundry piles with ease, perfect for families, roommates, or anyone who values less frequent washing cycles.
  • Fully Automatic: Simply select your desired program and let the machine take care of the rest. No more manual filling, pre-washing, or adjusting settings.
  • One Touch Fuzzy Logic: This smart technology automatically adjusts water intake and washing time based on the weight of your clothes, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning for every load.
  • FCS (Fast Clean System): Save up to 40% of your washing time without compromising on clean results. Perfect for those busy days when you need clean clothes in a hurry.
  • I Clean Function: Maintain your machine’s hygiene with an automatic cleaning cycle that eliminates bacteria and odors, keeping your clothes fresh and your washing machine performing at its best.
  • Water Cube Drum: This unique drum design gently cleans your clothes while protecting them from damage, providing a thorough clean with a gentle touch.
  • 7 Washing Programs: Choose from a range of programs to suit your specific needs, from delicates and wool to jeans and sportswear.

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