Mika Built-In Gas Hob 90cm 5 Gas with WOK MGH91502FXW

Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with the Mika Built-In Gas Hob 90cm – a perfect fusion of style and performance. Equipped with 5 high-efficiency gas burners, including a dedicated WOK burner, the MGH91502FXW delivers precision cooking for every culinary masterpiece. The sleek design and durable build elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen. Experience the perfect marriage of technology and sophistication with Mika. Upgrade to the MGH91502FXW for a seamless blend of style and functionality in your kitchen. Unleash your culinary prowess – make the Mika Built-In Gas Hob the centerpiece of your cooking space today

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Mika Built-In Gas Hob 90cm 5 Gas with WOK MGH91502FXW

Special Features

  • Hob Flame Failure Safety – prevents gas leak in the event a flame goes out, reducing risk of fire or explosion
  • One Hand Integrated Auto Ignition – smart protection for children, press down the knob on turning to safely release and ignite gas, safeguarding against fire and gas hazards.
  • 1 X 5 kW Dual WOK burner by Sabaf – delivers even & high-intensity heat quicker, enjoy a versatile and efficient cooking experience.
  • Cast Iron Hob Pan Support – top of the range. Robust & firm support for cookware, with heat retention and distribution for even cooking.

General Features:

  • 5-Burner Gas Hob – efficient and versatile multitasking with differently sized burners.
  • Stainless Steel Hob – a timeless corrosion resistant aesthetic, that is easy to clean and sanitise
  • Heavy Duty Matt Burner Caps
  • Front Knob Control

Free Extra Accessories

  • Round Cast Iron Pan adapter – safely and securely support round-bottomed cookware, preventing potential slips & accidents

Here’s why this Mika hob will become your kitchen hero:

  • Spacious 90cm Design: Accommodates multiple pots and pans with ease, perfect for whipping up family feasts or hosting elegant gatherings.
  • 5 Powerful Gas Burners: Featuring a range of sizes and heat intensities, from simmering delicate sauces to boiling water in a flash, you can tackle any recipe with precision.
  • Dedicated WOK Burner: Unleash the authentic flavors of stir-fries and Asian cuisine with this high-powered burner, perfect for searing ingredients and achieving that signature wok hei.
  • Tempered Glass Surface: Adds a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen, and is super easy to clean and maintain, keeping your cooktop sparkling like new.
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports: Sturdy and durable, they distribute heat evenly and provide stable support for even the heaviest cookware.
  • One-Hand Integrated Automatic Ignition: No more fumbling with matches or lighters – simply turn the knob and let the flame ignite effortlessly, adding a touch of convenience to your cooking experience.
  • Flame Safety Device: Offers peace of mind with automatic shut-off if the flame is accidentally extinguished, ensuring safety and preventing potential hazards.


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