Mika Built-In Gas Hob 60cm 4 Gas with WOK MGH61405FBGW

Revolutionize your cooking space with the Mika Built-In Gas Hob 60cm – a perfect balance of style and performance. Featuring 4 high-efficiency gas burners, including a dedicated WOK burner, the MGH61405FBGW is designed to elevate your culinary experience. The sleek glass finish adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor. Trust Mika for precision cooking and premium craftsmanship. Upgrade to the MGH61405FBGW for a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and functionality in your kitchen. Ignite your passion for cooking – bring home the Mika Built-In Gas Hob today

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Mika Built-In Gas Hob 60cm 4 Gas with WOK MGH61405FBGW

Special Features

  • Flame Failure Safety – prevents gas leak in the event a flame goes out, reducing risk of fire or explosion
  • One Hand Integrated Auto Ignition – smart protection for children, press down the knob on turning to release and ignite gas, safeguarding against fire and gas hazards.
  • 1 X 4 kW Dual WOK burner by Sabaf – provide more heat and even distribution
  • Cast iron pan support – a robust, firmer hob support for cookware, with heat retention and distribution for even cooking.

General Features:

  • 4 burners – efficient multitasking, faster cooking.
  • Heavy Duty Matt Burner Caps
  • Tempered Glass – durable, easy to clean
  • Front Knob Control

Free Extra Accessories

  • Round Cast Iron Pan adapter

Here’s how this Mika hob will become your kitchen hero:

  • Optimal 60cm Size: Perfectly fits smaller kitchens or galley spaces, maximizing countertop real estate without compromising power.
  • 4 Powerful Gas Burners: Featuring a range of sizes and heat intensities, from simmering delicate sauces to boiling water in a flash, you can tackle any recipe with precision.
  • Dedicated WOK Burner: Unleash the authentic flavors of stir-fries and Asian cuisine with this high-powered burner, perfect for searing ingredients and achieving that signature wok hei.
  • Tempered Glass Surface: Adds a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen and is super easy to clean and maintain, keeping your cooktop sparkling like new.
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports: Sturdy and durable, they distribute heat evenly and provide stable support for even the heaviest cookware.
  • One-Hand Integrated Automatic Ignition: No more fumbling with matches or lighters – simply turn the knob and let the flame ignite effortlessly, adding a touch of convenience to your cooking experience.
  • Flame Safety Device: Offers peace of mind with automatic shut-off if the flame is accidentally extinguished, ensuring safety and preventing potential hazards.
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