AR-8300 Hematology Analyzer

Optimize your hematology analysis with the Hematology Analyzer AR-8300. Engineered for accuracy and efficiency, this analyzer delivers precise results for a variety of blood parameters. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it ensures dependable performance in laboratory settings. Elevate your hematology testing with the Hematology Analyzer  AR-8300 – your trusted solution for high-quality blood analysis.


Hematology Analyzer AR-8300


  1. 21 parameters,3 histograms
  2. 60 samples/H,open sampling
  3. whole blood mode 9.6μl/test
  4. 10 inches colortouch screen
  5. Anticoagulant whole blood mode, anticoagulant capillary whole blood mode,prediluted blood mode

Technical Specifications

Automation Semi-automatic
Test Principle Electrical impedance,

SFT method for hemoglobin

Report Parameters WBC,HGB,Lym%,Lym#,Mon%,Mon#,GRA#,GRA%,RBC,MCV,MCH,MCHC,RDW-CV,RDW-SD,HCT,PLT,MPV,PDW,PCT,P-LCR,P-LCC,RBC histograms,WBC histograms,PLT histograms
Resource LED(HGB)
Throughput 60 test/Hour
Sample volume Venous whole blood: 9.6μL

Capillary whole blood : 9.6μL

Prediluted blood: 20μL

Reagent 1 original reagent (Cyanide-free hemolytic agent)
Sample Mode Manual sampling
Data storage 200,000 samples (including histogram)
Plugging method Positive and negative pressure scour,

High voltage burning;

QC method L-J,X-B
Calibration Manual/Automatic
Emergency model No
Abnormal sample  alarm function Yes
Printer system Built-in thermal printer, optional connection with every kinds of external printer
Test mode Venous whole blood, capillary whole blood, prediluted blood
Display screen 10 inch color LED screen
Communication mode Real-time bidirectional LIS communication
Pre-dilution function Yes
Automated maintenance system With automatic sleep,reagent remaining volume detection,fault alarm, one key to clear, cleaning liquid soaking and automatic loading function etc.
Working conditions Temperature: 15-30℃

Humidity: 10%~90%

Operating  pressure: 70kPa-110kPa

Power supply AC 100V~240V; input power ≤250VA,50Hz/60Hz.It can work more than 24 hours at one time.

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