ARR-201 Elisha Reader

Optimize your immunoassay analysis with the Elisha Reader ARR-201. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this reader delivers fast and accurate results for various immunoassays. With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, it ensures dependable performance in laboratory settings. Streamline your immunoassay workflow with the ARR-201 – your trusted solution for high-quality results.


Elisha Reader ARR-201


Ø Windows operation interface, figure button, mouse operation, touch screen.

Ø 96-well plate, multiple tests in the single plate.

Ø Arrangement of Test item in micro-plate can be store and re-use

Ø Parameter can be modified and stored

Ø Plate shaking, speed and time adjustable

Ø Open system, test item and parameters can be added or modified.

Ø Large storage for 1000 test item and 1,000,000 results

Ø 10.4 inch color touch LCD

Ø Printing comprehensive report, include hospital and patient information and test results

Ø Built-in portable computer, easy to use.

Technical Specifications

Microplate types 96-well plate(U,V,or plat-bottom)
Wavelength 405nm,450nm,492nm,630nm,4 free positions for additional filters

wavelength accuracy < 2nm

Reading range 0.000-4.000 Abs
Measurement range 0.000-3.000Abs
Light source LED, >100,000 hours
Measuring system 8-channel optical system
Test mode End-point, kinetic, Multi-wave analysis
Resolution <1% or ±0.001Abs
Stability <±0.005Abs/10min
Well Coincidence ≤0.015A
Linearity r > 0.999
Repeatability < 0.3%
Reading speed 5s single wavelength , 10s double wavelength
QC West guard Multi-rule, automated QC alert
Self-Checking function Self-checking and calibration function
CPU High-speed CPU
Printer External jet printer, multi-form patient report
Interface RS232 interface, USB
Power supply 220VAC 15% or 110VAC 15%50-60Hz 100W
Work environment Temp 5°C-40°C;Humi ≤85%
Machine Dimension 44CM*37CM*24CM
Weight 13 KG

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