BD10 Children Bed

Introducing the Children Bed BD10: the perfect blend of comfort and safety for young patients. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this bed offers a supportive and secure sleeping environment for children in medical facilities. With its durable construction and thoughtful design features, including guardrails and adjustable height options, the Children Bed BD10 ensures peace of mind for caregivers and optimal comfort for young patients. Invest in quality care for pediatric patients with the Children Bed BD10.


BD10 Children Bed

Product Description

1. 4-sectioned steel coated mattress base. And bed frame is made of steel epoxy,

Polyester powder coated and baked finish.

2.     Collapsible steel coated guardrails

3.     I.V Pole & Drainage with PU cover

4.     Heavy duty castor with brakes

5.     Manual crank system 2 set (stainless steel crank)

6.     Load bearing capacity is over 150kg

7.     Mattress density 30kg/m3, and mattress thickness is 100mm, PU cover(Optional).


Product Parameters

1.     Overall size: 1850 x 750x550mm

2.     Mattress size: 1750 x630mm(Optional).

3.     Angle of back section: 75°± 5°

4.     Angle of leg section:45°± 5°

5.     Net Weight: 80KG/85KG

6.     Carton size:1900*1000*250mm/1pc

7.     Weight Capacity: 150KG


Optional Accessory

Mattress/Bedside Cabinet/Over-bed Table

Turn Hospital Stays into Adventures with the BD10 Children’s Bed:

  • Fun and Functional: The BD10 children’s hospital bed is designed with kids in mind, featuring playful elements (e.g., colors, themes) to create a less intimidating environment and promote a more positive hospital experience.
  • Comfort for Healing: The BD10 prioritizes comfort with features that encourage restful sleep and aid recovery (e.g., adjustable positions, comfortable mattress).
  • Safety First: The BD10 prioritizes safety with features like secure side rails and alarms, giving parents and caregivers peace of mind.
  • Sized for Little Bodies: The BD10’s design is specifically sized to accommodate young patients comfortably.

Helping Kids Feel More at Ease:

  • Reduced Anxiety: A more playful and comfortable environment can potentially reduce anxiety and stress in children during a hospital stay.
  • Promotes Positive Associations with Healthcare: A positive experience can help children develop a more positive association with hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Supporting Parents and Caregivers:

  • Enhanced Comfort for Children Means Enhanced Comfort for Families: Features that promote a child’s comfort can also contribute to a less stressful experience for parents and caregivers.
  • Peace of Mind with Safety Features: Built-in safety features like alarms and secure side rails can provide added peace of mind for families.


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