BH01 Hand-lifting Bed

Elevate patient care with our Hand-lifting Bed BH01. Designed for versatility and convenience, this bed features a hand-lifting mechanism for easy adjustment of the headrest. With its sturdy construction and user-friendly design, it offers optimal support and comfort for patients in medical facilities. Enhance your healthcare environment with the Hand-lifting Bed BH01, your reliable solution for efficient and comfortable patient care.


Hand-lifting Bed BH01


  1. Completely Metal Frame
  2. Φ38 Bed Head/Foot Board
  3. Bed Surface made of cold roll steel sheet
  4. Bed Size:2000*900*500mm
  5. Optional: Side Rail, Dining Table, I.V Pole

Optimizing Patient Transfers with Hand-Lifting Beds:

  • Understanding Patient Transfers: Familiarize yourself with different methods for safely transferring patients, including the use of hand-lifting beds like the BH01.
  • Evaluating Hand-Lifting Bed Features: Consider factors like patient weight capacity, ease of maneuverability, safety features for caregivers and patients, and compatibility with your facility’s needs.
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the bed meets relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements for your region.
  • Consulting with Healthcare Professionals: Partner with qualified healthcare providers who can assess patient needs and determine the suitability of hand-lifting beds like the BH01 compared to alternative transfer methods.

Exploring Options for Patient Transfer Equipment:

  • Connect with medical equipment suppliers or distributors: They can offer guidance on various patient transfer equipment options, including the BH01 and other lifting devices, tailored to your facility’s needs and patient care requirements.
  • Seek professional recommendations: Consult with healthcare professionals familiar with patient transfers and equipment selection for informed decision-making.

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