MK-51K 5 Function Manual Hospital Bed

Enhance patient comfort with our 5 Function Manual Hospital Bed MK-51K. Engineered for versatility and reliability, this bed offers five essential functions to cater to diverse patient needs. With its sturdy construction and manual adjustments, it provides optimal support and positioning options for patients in medical settings. Elevate your healthcare facility with the 5 Function Manual Hospital Bed MK-51K, ensuring efficient and comfortable patient care.


5 Function Manual Hospital Bed MK-51K

Product Description

  1. 4-sectioned steel mattress base. And bed frame is made of steel epoxy, Polyester powder coated and baked finish.
  2. Collapsible Aluminum Alloy guardrails
  3. Detachable ABS head/foot board, it locked with a safety switch
  4. I.V Pole & Drainage with PU cover
  5. Center control lock system
  6. Load bearing capacity is over 180kg
  7. ABS or Steel crank system for all functions
  8. Back, Knee, Hi/Lo, Trendelenburg & Anti-Trendelenburg adjustment by 4 cranks

Product Parameters

Overall size L2150*W950*H400-720mm
Mattress size 1950*830mm
Adjustable height 400-720mm
Angle of back section 0 – 75°(±5°)
Angle of leg section 0 – 45°(±5°)
Trendelenburg/Anti-trendenburg 0~12°
Net weight/Gross weight 120KG/125KG
Carton Dimension 2050*1000*450mm/1pc
Weight Capacity 180KG

Optional Accessory

Mattress/Bedside Cabinet/Over-bed Table/Self Help Pole

Enhancing Patient Care with Advanced Manual Hospital Beds:

  • Understanding 5 Function Manual Beds: Explore the advantages of manual hospital beds like the MK-51K, which offer a wider range of adjustments for optimal patient positioning, comfort, and support during various healthcare procedures and recovery.
  • Evaluating 5-Function Bed Features: Consider factors like the specific adjustments offered by the MK-51K (e.g., backrest angle, headrest, knee rest, footrest), patient weight capacity, ease of use for caregivers, and compatibility with other equipment in your facility.
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the MK-51K meets relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements for your region.
  • Cost-Effective Versatility: Recognize the MK-51K offers a broader range of adjustability than basic models, potentially reducing the need for additional equipment, while remaining a budget-friendly alternative to fully electric beds.

Exploring Options for Hospital Beds:

  • Connect with medical equipment suppliers or distributors: They can offer guidance on various hospital bed options, including the MK-51K and other manual and electric models, tailored to your facility’s needs and patient care requirements.
  • Seek Professional Recommendations: Consult with healthcare professionals familiar with patient care needs and equipment selection for informed decision-making.

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