Plain Bed BP01

Discover essential patient comfort with our Plain Bed BP01. Engineered for simplicity and durability, this bed offers reliable support for patients in medical settings. With its sturdy construction and straightforward design, it provides a comfortable resting surface without additional functions. Elevate your healthcare environment with the Plain Bed BP01, your trusted solution for basic yet essential patient care.


Plain Bed BP01


  1. Completely Metal Frame
  2. Φ38 Bed Head/Foot Board
  3. Bed Surface made of cold roll steel sheet
  4. Bed Size:2000*900*500mm
  5. Optional: Castor, Side Rail, Shoe Rack, Dining Table, I.V Pole

Optimizing Patient Care with Basic Hospital Beds:

  • Understanding Plain Beds: Familiarize yourself with the features and limitations of plain beds like the BP01, which typically offer a flat surface and basic functionalities for patient care.
  • Evaluating Plain Bed Features: Consider factors like patient weight capacity, overall bed dimensions, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and compatibility with other equipment in your facility.
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the bed meets relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements for your region.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Recognize the budget-friendly nature of plain beds compared to more advanced models.

Exploring Options for Patient Beds:

  • Connect with medical equipment suppliers or distributors: They can offer guidance on various patient bed options, including the BP01 and more advanced models, tailored to your facility’s needs and patient care requirements.
  • Seek professional recommendations: Consult with healthcare professionals familiar with patient care needs and equipment selection for informed decision-making.

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