Von VASC15DAG 158L Vertical Cooler

Key Features

  • Spacious Storage: With a net capacity of 158L, this cooler provides ample space to store all your beverages conveniently
  • Sleek Design: Recessed handle adds a touch of elegance to the refrigerator’s exterior, giving it a modern and streamlined look
  • Durable and Clear Display: The tempered glass used in the refrigerator’s construction offers durability while providing a clear view of the stored items
  • The manual temperature adjustment feature allows you to set the desired temperature between 0-10℃, ensuring optimal preservation of your beverages
  • Adjustable shelves enable you to customize the interior layout to accommodate items of various sizes, making it easy to organize and access your beverages
  • Built-in lightbox illuminates the interior, making it easy to locate items, even in low-light conditions
  • Secure Storage: The lock and key feature provide added security, allowing you to safeguard your valuables
  • Efficient Cooling System: Equipped with an external condenser and an inner fan, ensuring uniform cooling throughout, maintaining a consistent temperature
  • Dimensions( WxDXH) – 550x487x1447mm



Von VASC15DAG 158L Vertical Cooler

Introducing the Von VASC15DAG 158L Vertical Cooler, a sleek and efficient refrigeration solution designed to meet your cooling needs with precision and style. With its spacious 158-liter capacity, this vertical cooler offers ample storage space for your beverages, snacks, and perishable items, making it an ideal addition to homes, offices, or commercial settings.

Experience superior cooling performance with the Von VASC15DAG, featuring advanced technology to maintain consistent temperature levels throughout the cooler. Say goodbye to warm drinks and stale snacks, and hello to refreshing beverages and crisp goodies, ensuring your items stay chilled and ready to enjoy at any moment.

Crafted for convenience, this vertical cooler boasts adjustable shelves and storage bins, allowing you to customize the interior layout to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to any space, while the compact footprint ensures versatility in placement.

With its energy-efficient operation, the Von VASC15DAG helps you save on electricity bills without compromising on performance. Whether you’re stocking up for a party, keeping your office break room stocked, or showcasing products in a retail environment, this cooler provides the flexibility and reliability you need to keep your items cool and accessible.

Upgrade your space with the Von VASC15DAG 158L Vertical Cooler and enjoy the convenience of premium refrigeration technology. Elevate your cooling experience today – order now and discover the perfect balance of style, functionality, and efficiency.

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