Mika Fridge 562L MRNF2D562SSV 2 Door Side By Side


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  • Spacious 562L Capacity: Store all your fresh produce, drinks, and leftovers with ease, perfect for large families or those who love to cook.
  • Side-by-Side Convenience: Separate fridge and freezer compartments for easy organization and access. No more digging through frost!
  • No Frost Technology: Say goodbye to manual defrosting! This fridge keeps your food evenly chilled without icy build-up.
  • Inverter Compressor: Enjoy whisper-quiet operation and lower energy bills thanks to the advanced inverter technology.
  • Stunning Inox Line Brush Design: Add a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen with the sleek stainless steel finish.
  • Water Dispenser (select models): Get instant refreshment with chilled water on demand (available on specific models).
  • Digital Temperature Control: Adjust the temperature easily and precisely without opening the door.
  • Toughened Glass Shelves: Durable and easy to clean, perfect for heavy groceries.
  • Crisper Boxes: Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer.
  • Wide Voltage Tolerance (180V-250V): No worries about power fluctuations, this fridge adapts to Kenyan voltage.

Invest in the Mika Fridge 562L MRNF2D562SSV and experience the future of food storage. Order yours online today!

Available in Shiny Black and Inox Line Brush colors.


Out of stock


Mika Fridge 562L MRNF2D562SSV 2 Door Side By Side

The Mika Fridge 562L MRNF2D562SSV emerges as a game-changer in the Kenyan refrigerator market, blending high-capacity storage with advanced technology. This article delves into why it’s more than just a fridge – it’s a centerpiece of modern Kenyan kitchens.

Design and Build

The sleek Stainless Steel Inox Line Brush finish of the Mika Fridge is a sight to behold. With dimensions measuring 912 x 704 x 1770 mm, it promises to be a perfect fit, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen space.

Capacity: Spacious and Organized

With a total volume of 562 Litres, divided into a 202 Litres freezer and 362 Litres refrigerator, this fridge caters to large families and food enthusiasts alike. It offers ample space to store all your essentials and more.

Innovative Inverter Compressor

The heart of the Mika Fridge 562L is its Inverter Compressor. This technology ensures greater energy efficiency, reduced noise, and longer life for the fridge, making it a wise investment for Kenyan homes.

Water Dispenser: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Get cold water anytime without opening the fridge, thanks to the built-in water dispenser. It’s a feature that brings both convenience and a touch of luxury to your daily life.

External Digital Temperature Control

Adjust your fridge’s temperature without opening the door, saving energy and maintaining a stable internal environment for your food.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The shelves, made of toughened glass, are designed to hold heavy items without the risk of damage, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning.

Crisper Boxes and Door Balconies

Maximize your storage with 72 crisper boxes and convenient door balconies. These features make organizing your groceries a breeze, keeping them fresh and accessible.

Air Quality Inside: Deodorizer and Germ Buster

The integrated deodorizer keeps unpleasant smells at bay, while the germ-busting technology ensures a hygienic environment for your food.

Ice and Cooling Features

Equipped with 2 twist ice trays and a cool pack, the Mika Fridge guarantees that your beverages and perishables are always kept at the perfect temperature.

Energy Efficiency: Wide Voltage Tolerance

Designed to withstand Kenya’s varying voltage conditions, this fridge is not just energy-efficient but also highly adaptable, reducing your electricity bills significantly.

Environmental Considerations

Featuring eco-friendly R600a gas, the Mika Fridge aligns with global environmental standards, making it a responsible choice for the planet.

Installation and User Experience

Setting up the Mika Fridge is straightforward. Its user-friendly features and intuitive interface make for a hassle-free experience right from the start.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to its competitors, the Mika Fridge stands out for its combination of size, efficiency, and advanced features, offering unparalleled value in the Kenyan market.

Customer Feedback and Market Reception

Kenyan users have praised the Mika Fridge 562L for its functionality, design, and reliability, cementing its status as a top choice in the market.

Pricing, Warranty, and Availability

Offered at a competitive price, the Mika Fridge 562L comes with a comprehensive warranty and is readily available through major retailers across Kenya. The Mika Fridge 562L price in Kenya is 158,995.


The Mika Fridge MRNF2D562SSV is more than just a refrigerator; it’s a statement of style, efficiency, and innovation. Ideal for the demands of modern Kenyan households, it represents the pinnacle of home refrigeration technology.


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