Bulb sucker

Say goodbye to nasal congestion with our Bulb Sucker. Designed for gentle and effective nasal suction, this device helps clear mucus and congestion in infants and young children. Its ergonomic design and soft tip ensure comfortable and safe use, while the bulb’s suction power helps provide quick relief. Perfect for use during colds or allergies, our Bulb Sucker is a must-have in any parent’s toolkit. Keep your little one breathing easy with our reliable and easy-to-use Bulb Sucker.



Bulb sucker

Why Choose a Bulb Sucker?

These simple nasal aspirators offer several advantages:

  • Safe and Gentle: Non-invasive and suitable for newborns, as opposed to harsh nasal sprays or decongestants.
  • Effective Congestion Relief: Clears mucus that hinders breathing and sleep, promoting comfort and well-being.
  • Easy to Use: Requires minimal practice and provides quick relief with minimal fuss for both baby and parent.
  • Hygienic: Most models are easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring safe repeated use.
  • Portable and Affordable: Compact and readily available, making them a practical addition to any diaper bag.

    About this item

    • High Quality: The ear syringe bulb is made of high quality rubber, which is soft, safe, non-toxic and durable.
    • Multi Purpose: The reusable ear syringe can be used as nasal aspirator for newborns and infants; The red rubber suction ear syringe can be used for ear cleaning and cameras, wood boards, precision instruments cleaning, etc.
    • Easy to Use and Clean: Simply to clean the bulb and dry. No need to purchase additional nasal aspirator.
    • A Variety of Capacity: We provide 3 different capacity ear syringe bulbs with medic grade rubber:30ml(1oz),60ml(2oz),90ml(3oz) for your option.
    • Antiskid Design: The ear syringe bulb is designed with frosted surface to prevent skidding which is easy to use and control.
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