Biopsy needles G.14/16/18

Experience precision and reliability with our Biopsy Needles in sizes G.14, G.16, and G.18. Crafted for accuracy and performance, these biopsy needles are essential tools for medical professionals conducting tissue sampling procedures. With multiple sizes available, our biopsy needles accommodate various patient needs and procedural requirements. Trust in our needles to deliver precise and consistent results, ensuring effective tissue collection for diagnostic purposes. Elevate your biopsy procedures with confidence – choose our Biopsy Needles G.14, G.16, and G.18 Biopsy Needles for superior quality and reliability.



Biopsy needles G.14/16/18

Product variations

Component/ Aspect Options
Tissue type Soft tissue – Bone biopsy
Soft tissue biopsy types – eg Breast-liver-lung-kidney-spleen-prostate-lymph nodes
Mechanism Automatic – Semi automatic – Trucut
Coaxial needle With – Without
Biopsy needle gauge 12-14-16-18-20 G
Needle length cm 6-10-13-15-16-20 cm
Coaxial gauge 13.5-17-19- 20 G
Coaxial length 6-10-15 cm

Understanding Gauge Size:

Biopsy needles are categorized by their gauge size, denoted by “G.” A lower gauge number signifies a wider needle diameter, while a higher number indicates a narrower diameter.

  • G.14: The thickest of the three, offering a larger lumen for extracting larger tissue samples or accommodating aspiration procedures. However, its wider diameter might cause more discomfort during the biopsy.
  • G.16: Finding a balance between tissue sample size and patient comfort, this gauge is commonly used for core biopsies in various organs.
  • G.18: The finest of the three, minimizing discomfort and often preferred for superficial biopsies or when dealing with sensitive tissues. Its smaller lumen might limit the size of the extracted tissue sample.

Key Features and Applications:

  • Sharpened Bevel Tip: Ensures smooth tissue penetration and minimizes patient discomfort.
  • Echo-Reflective Material: Facilitates needle visualization under ultrasound guidance for precise targeting.
  • Sterile Packaging: Guarantees aseptic conditions for safe procedures.
  • Disposable Design: Eliminates cross-contamination risks.


  • Breast biopsies for suspected breast cancer or other abnormalities.
  • Liver biopsies for diagnosing liver diseases.
  • Thyroid biopsies for evaluating thyroid nodules.
  • Lung biopsies for diagnosing lung conditions.
  • Skin biopsies for assessing skin lesions.
  • Bone marrow biopsies for diagnosing blood disorders.
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