8 Best Non stick Cooking Pots in Kenya And Their Prices

8 Best Non stick Cooking Pots in Kenya And Their Prices 1

This blog post will help you find the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya.

There are many brands out there but these eight come highly rated by consumers for their performance and durability. 

You’ll also learn how to look for quality features like non-toxic coatings and a good lid design that prevents spills when opening pots of hot liquid or sauces. 

Non stick cookware helps prevent the sticking of food to the pot. 

It’s also easy to clean and maintain which is a huge plus for busy people who don’t want to spend too much time on cleanup.

The Best Non-stick Cooking Pots in Kenya are pots that are made from tough, durable materials like aluminum. 

These pans usually do not require the use of any oil or butter in cooking because they will release food with high heat and make healthier fried foods as well! 

The best non-stick cookware is easy to clean up when you’re done using it too. It has a sleek surface which means there’s no need for scrubbing all those crumbs out!

What Are the Benefits? 

There are many benefits to owning one of these great pans. 

They can be used on induction stoves without damage, they have an even heating distribution so your food won’t burn if you happen to get distracted, and they are dishwasher safe for convenience.

How do you know the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya?

The best type of non-stick cookware in Kenya is made from stainless steel because it has a much higher temperature tolerance than aluminum and won’t contaminate your food through surface contact like some other materials may do. 

Stainless steel also stands up well to being set on a ceramic stovetop as long as the pot does not have any plastic handles. 

With this material, you don’t need anything added while cooking -just add water or broth over medium heat.

And wait around ten minutes before adding your meal ingredients which will release their flavors without sticking together too badly.

They’re just so easy to clean afterward: all you’ll need are a sponge and dish soap or a soft scrubber.

We’ve collected the top non-stick pots in Kenya, and gone over what you should look for when shopping so that your pot will last.

Cooking pots prices in Kenya

PositionProduct NameCurrent Price
1TC Die Cast Non Stick Cooking Pots 10 Pieces With PanKSh 15,999
2Tornado 14piece Heavy ,Durable, Non Stick Cooking Saucepan/cooking Pot Set With PanKSh 7,799
3Jamespot 10PCS Cooking Pots Cookware Set 5pcs Pots+5pcs LidsKSh 4,899
4TC Heavy Non-Stick Cooking Pot Sufuria SetKSh 8,500
5Generic 6 Litres Ceramic Porcelain Cooking PotKSh 6,920
6Bosch 10 Pieces Nonstick Granite Heavy Duty Cooking PotsKSh 9,995
7TC 14 Pieces Non Stick Cooking Pots- Sufuria Set-Cook Ware SetsKSh 7,195
8Dessini 10 Pcs Non-Stick Cooking & Serving Pots & PansKSh 8,499
9Redberry Non-stick, Marble Cooking Pots/sufuria Set With LidsKSh 5,799
10Generic 14piece Heavy Alluminium Cooking Saucepan/cooking Pot SetKSh 6,999
11TC 10pcs Heavy Granite Nonstick Cooking Pots Sufuria SetKSh 10,941
12Generic 12pcs Heavy Duty Induction Cooking PotsKSh 7,189
13Tornado 14-Pcs Stainless Steel Cooking Pot SetKSh 5,999
14TC 14 Pieces Non-Stick Black Coated Cooking Pot/Sufuria SetKSh 7,999
15TC Modern Classic Quality Non Stick Cooking Pot With PanKSh 7,999
16TC Grey Granite 10 Pcs Cooking PotKSh 12,415
17Dessini Durable Italian- 23 piece Non-Stick DieCast Cooking Pots – BlackKSh 11,479
18Tornado 14piece Heavy ,Durable, Non Stick Cooking Saucepan/cooking Pot Set With PanKSh 10,000
19Bosch 10 PCs Heavy Granite Cooking Pot Sufuria Set With LidsKSh 9,200
20TC 14Pcs Heavy Non-Stick Cooking Pot Sufuria Set.KSh 7,189

Here are non stick Cooking pots from Jumia Kenya.

1). Dessini Best Non Stick Cooking Pots in Kenya

Best Non-stick Cooking Pots in Kenya

Dessini is a household brand that offers a wide collection of kitchenware products. 

The product range includes bakeware, cookware, kitchen tools and gadgets, home storage solutions, and more.

The Dessini Cookware is made from high-quality materials so you get the best value for your money. 

It’s non stick interior ensures easy food release without any oil or butter. 

Each piece has been crafted with care to ensure that it serves its purpose in the best possible way. The cookware set comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and hence will

Key benefits/features: 

  • Eco-Friendly, healthy, and easy for clean
  • High-class non-stick performance anti-scratch
  • Fashionable type suit for all kitchens and family
  • Ceramic or Nonstick interior coating
  • Die-cast coating
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum is super conductive for even heat distribution.
  • Easy clean exterior
  • Bakelite handles
  • Transparent lids with steam outlet holes.

Dessini non stick cooking pots price in Kenya is KSh 5,990 on Jumia. And comes with serving pots and pans.

2). Nunix Heavy-duty Non Stick Cooking Pot

Nunix Heavy-duty Non Stick Cooking Pot

Nunix HEAVYDUTY Non Stick Cooking Pot is one of the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya for your healthy cooking. 

Nunix nonstick pots and pans will make healthier meals using less or no fat. 

The durable, speckled granite effect nonstick coating is easy to clean with minimal scrubbing. 

Made of heavy duty aluminum alloy material, Nunix pots and pans are oven safe up to 350 F (180 C) degrees. Nunix pots and pans are suitable for most types of hobs including induction cookers. 

It comes in a variety of sizes to suit all your cooking needs, from small pots to large stockpots that can accommodate large cooking.

Nunix non stick cooking pots price in Kenya is KSh 7,499 on Jumia and come in set of 5 pieces.

3). Seemann Non Stick Cooking Pots in Kenya

Seemann Non Stick Cooking Pots in Kenya

Seemann Non Stick Cookware Set is a great addition to your kitchen in Kenya. 

This cookware set offers you the best non-stick cooking experience with its premium quality aluminum construction. 

The pots and pans are scratch-resistant and deliver perfect heat distribution for even cooking results. 

Seemann Non Stick Cookware Set is made of die-cast aluminum, which ensures uniform heating and superior durability. 

Each piece has a clear glass lid that lets you monitor your food while it’s cooking without letting out the steam or aromas. 

You can get these Seemann non stick cookware pots at KSh 7,868 on Jumia Kenya.

Comes in a set of 5 Pots, 5 Lids, and 1 Pan.

4). Sundabest Non Stick Cooking Sufurias in Kenya

Sundabest Non Stick Cooking Sufurias in Kenya

Sundabest is one of the best cookware brands in Kenya, manufacturing quality and functional kitchen appliances in Kenya.

The Sundabest Non-stick Cookware in Kenya is made of a special, high quality and non-toxic material that is used in the manufacturing of various types of cookwares. 

The main purpose of this product is to make cooking easy and convenient. 

It has an amazing non-stick coating which makes it very easy to clean. 

Better part?

The coating is non-toxic.

You can easily wash away all the stains from your favorite dishes by just using water because it does not require any extra effort or time for cleaning. 

This unique coating also ensures that you do not have to use much oil or butter while cooking which keeps your meals healthy.

Key features/benefits;

  • non-stick coating‎,‎ 
  • back lite handles for fire resistance‎,‎  
  • internally reinforced 2 coats technology
  • specially designed bottom for better heat efficiency
  • non-stick coating‎.‎
  • 100% non-toxic non-stick‎.‎

Sundabest Non-stick cooking pots price in Kenya is KSh 4,994 on Jumia.

Comes in a set of 4 cooking pots, 1 pan cake pan, 1 soup pot, 4 glass cooking pot lids, and 2 pcs non stick cooking spoons.

You can get this best non stick cooking pots in Kenya now.

5). Yi Tong Non Stick Cooking Sets/Pots in Kenya

 Yi Tong Non Stick Cooking Sets/Pots in Kenya

This Yi Tong Non Stick Cooking Pots are made of high quality material, which is durable and anti-scratch. 

It features a nonstick coating on the inside for easy cooking and cleaning. 

The pots also come with back lite handles for fire resistance, a specially designed bottom for better heat efficiency, transparent lids with steam outlet holes, eco-friendly healthy, and easy to clean. 

They are not only beautiful but also functional. A perfect choice for your kitchen!

Yi Tong Non Stick Cooking Pots price in Kenya is KSh 5,646 on Jumia.

Comes in a set of 4 pcs non stick cooking pot, 4 pcs cooking pot lids, 1 piece soup pot without lid, 2 pcs non stick cooking spoons, and 1 pan cake pan.

Click the button below to get this best non stick cooking pots in Kenya.

6). Redberry Carbon Marble Non Stick Cookware Set

Redberry Carbon Marble Non Stick Cookware Set

Redberry Non Stick Cookware is a 11 piece cookware set in Kenya that will make your cooking experience even more enjoyable. 

The set comes with a spoon, turner, and sponge as part of the package. 

The aluminum material makes it strong and safe to carry around. 

It also has a nonstick marble coating which makes cleaning easier than ever! 

Each item in the Redberry Non Stick Cookware set features scratch-resistant handles that are comfortable to hold on to while you’re stirring or flipping food in your pan. 

The lids on each pot help to maintain heat so you can keep your food warm and ready to go.

Key features/benefits:

  • Aluminum exterior material
  • Nonstick marble coating
  • Strong and safe handles
  • Scratch resistant
  • Lids to maintain heat
  • Comes with a spoon, turner and sponge as part of the set
  • Inside pot color: Grey

Redberry Non Stick Cooking pots price in Kenya is KSh 6,240 on Jumia. Use the button below to get this best non stick cooking pots in Kenya.

7). Rashnik Non-stick Casserole Set

Rashnik Non-stick Casserole Set KENYA

Rashnik is a new non-stick casserole set. Rashnik has a light blue color and is made of aluminum. 

The handles are made of glass, which allows you to see the food while it’s cooking on the stovetop or oven. 

It also has a bake light handle that lets you know when your dish is ready to be removed from the oven. 

Rashnik non stick cooking pots in Kenya can be used for baking, roasting, frying, and stewing because its heat conductivity makes it fast for all types of cooking needs. 

This set comes in 3 pcs set includes 22cm, 24cm, and 26cm sizes pots with lids.

Key features;

  • Aluminum made
  • Non-stick pot casserole
  • Sizes : 22cm,24cm and 26cm
  • Set of 3 pcs
  • Two size handles
  • Glass lead
  • Bake light handle
  • Fast cooking
  • Heat conductivity for fast cooking

Rashnik Non-stick Casserole set price in Kenya is KSh 4,299 on Jumia.

8). Bosch Non-stick Cookware Set


This is another one of the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya.

Bosch non-stick cookware set is made of durable, granite glass ceramic. 

Its nonstick surface is easy to clean and provides even heat distribution. 

And comes with 10 pieces of cookware that include 2 saucepans (1L and 1.5L), a sauté pan (26cm), a frying pan (26cm), and a steamer insert. 

They are available in grey color.

Bosch non-stick cookware set price in Kenya is KSh 8,500 on Jumia.

Now, these are some of the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya.

And there are some others not mentioned here.

Question is, how do you pick the best?

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How to buy the best non stick cookware in Kenya

Choosing the best starts with doing the following;

a). Choosing the Right Material

In order to get the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya, there are a few materials that you can choose from when buying your cooking pot. 

And the most popular material used in pots is stainless steel and for good reason. 

Stainless steel does not react with food, it’s durable, easy to clean, and handles different heat levels well. 

Copper and Titanium cookware have also become more popular as of late but they’re typically much pricier than other options.

The best non-stick pots in Kenya are made of quality materials like ceramic or enameled steel. 

b). Good coating

A good coating is also important; these need to be durable and release food easily. Non-toxic materials are preferable. 

c). Ergonomic handle

When looking for best non stick cooking pots in Kenya, choose an ergonomic handle if possible, as it makes holding hot pans easier on hands.

Long handles allow for the cook to work on the stovetop while keeping their hands away from heat.

It is also more comfortable than short, stubby handles which are usually found on cheaper models. 

d). Lids with Steam Vents

Lids should be tight-fitting but still, allow some steam to escape so that it does not build up pressure in the pot and cause spills when you open it.

This gives better control over cooking since you’ll know how much liquid there is inside at any given time. It’s also handy when making sauces, preventing liquids from boiling. 

e). Nonstick Coating

When it comes to the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya, coatings are the most important component of any pot because, without them, you’re left with a clunky stainless steel pot that’s not very easy to clean and doesn’t perform as well at higher temperatures.

Coatings don’t need to be expensive – there are many inexpensive pots made of anodized aluminum which will do just fine.

Best ways to make sure your pots and pans are truly nonstick and safe

As mentioned, when looking for the best non stick cooking pots in Kenya, know what this means:

Nonstick coatings are made of tightly bonded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or silicone. The coating is usually applied over aluminum, copper, and other metals to make the pots non-reactive with food.

If you see a long list of chemical ingredients in your cookware’s description, it may not be safe for use on cooking surfaces over high heat.

Avoid pans that have ceramic or porcelain finishes as these can chip easily under extreme use especially if exposed to acidic foods like tomatoes.

This can also wear down the pot’s surface until they eventually become unusable.

Don’t buy anything labeled “copper” unless it’s 18/0 or better.

See, many cookware manufacturers are now putting an “NSF” label on their pots and pans.

This is to let consumers know they meet the National Sanitation Foundation’s safety standards, an independent organization that sets public health standards for products used in foodservice establishments.

It’s not just about non-stick coatings it also means environmental protection, chemical resistance, ergonomic design, and work surfaces with adequate room to move your hand around so as not to burn yourself.

When shopping for new cookware, look specifically at what types of materials can be safely heated up over high heat (i.e., cast iron) because this will vary from product to product. 

Keep in mind that certain metals, like copper- or aluminum-based metals, are unsuitable for this type of cooking.

Most professional chefs recommend cleaning your nonstick pan right after every use if possible.

Because it helps make sure that there won’t be any burnt-on residue left behind which could cause sticking later on or leave an unpleasant taste in your dish.

If you can’t do it right away, just know that the longer you wait to clean your pan or pot, the more difficult it will be.

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