How To Arrange Appliances in Small Kitchen in Kenya

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Cooking and prepping meals in a small kitchen in Kenya comes with challenges. With limited countertops and floorspace, arranging essential appliances can be frustrating.

The key appliances found in most kitchens include:

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Oven
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Dishwasher

Finding the optimal spot for these appliances while maintaining accessible traffic flow takes planning.

However, with some clever organization, it’s possible to maximize functionality even in a compact kitchen. This article provides tips to efficiently arrange appliances and make the most of your small kitchen workspace.

The key goals for appliance placement in a small kitchen in Kenya are:

  • Prioritize the most used appliances
  • Take advantage of vertical storage
  • Optimize traffic flow
  • Multi-task appliances when possible
  • Declutter counters

By following these guidelines, your small kitchen can become a highly functional and clutter-free cooking space.

Read on for details on how to implement these strategies effectively.

Prioritize the Most Used Appliances

When laying out appliance placement in a small kitchen in Kenya, the first step is identifying your most used appliances and giving them priority position.

The top appliances to optimize location for include:

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Oven
  • Sink

For the refrigerator, choose a spot with easy access, such as along a doorway or near the entrance to the kitchen. Give yourself enough clearance so the doors can open fully and you can easily remove items.

For the stove/oven, pick a location on an outside wall near electrical outlets if possible. This avoids dangerous and unsightly extension cords across the floor. Ensure proper ventilation above, and allow enough open counter space on either side.

The sink should also be on an outside wall with a window above if available. Position near the stove for convenient food prep flow between both appliances. Allow open counter space on either side and below.

AppliancePlacement Tips
Refrigerator– Along a doorway or entrance
– Doors can fully open
– Easy item access
Stove/Oven– Outside wall near outlets 
– Proper ventilation above
– Open counters on both sides
Sink– Outside wall with window if possible
– Near stove
– Open counters on both sides and below

Use Vertical Storage

One of the best ways to save space in a small kitchen in Kenya is utilizing vertical storage. Take advantage of wall space by mounting appliances up high and using tall cabinetry.

Consider these vertical storage ideas:

  • Wall-mounted microwave: Install a microwave on a wall or upper cabinet to free up counter area below. Measure carefully to find a spot with proper clearance.
  • Vertical small appliance storage: Store appliances like a toaster oven or blender vertically in a tall, narrow cabinet. Use “appliance garage” cabinets with electrical outlets inside to conveniently stow and operate appliances.
  • Pot rack: Install an overhead pot rack or hanging rail above an island or peninsula. Store pots, pans and utensils overhead to clear up precious cabinet space.
  • Hanging utensil rack: Opt for wall-mounted utensil racks or under-cabinet racks to hold cooking tools. Mount a paper towel holder on the wall too.

Going vertical with storage allows you to get appliances and cooking items up off the counters yet still easily accessible. Just be sure to measure carefully before installation.

Optimize Traffic Flow

When multiple people are working in a small kitchen,traffic flow is especially important. Arrange appliances in the optimal triangle workspace to minimize steps between the three main work zones:

  • Sink
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator

Placing these appliances adjacent with open counters between allows continuous workflow from one station to the next. Avoid dead-end or cramped spaces that impede movement.

Also be sure to allow enough clearance when appliance doors are open. Measure the space needed for the fridge, oven, dishwasher and other appliances. Leave at least 36 inches of walkway space through the kitchen if possible.

Multi-Task Appliances

Look for appliances that serve multiple purposes to save precious space in a small kitchen in Kenya.

Consider these multi-tasking appliance ideas:

  • French door refrigerator with water dispenser: Choose a fridge with water and ice accessible from the outside to skip bulky water filters on your sink or counters.
  • Stove with warming drawer: Select a range or cooktop with an integrated warming drawer to get extra function from one appliance.
  • Wall oven with microwave: Install a wall oven with microwave on top or bottom to combine cooking methods.
  • Toaster oven air fryer: Opt for a small appliance that can toast, bake, broil and air fry.
  • Instant Pot: Use this one electric pressure cooker for numerous cooking techniques – pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, sauteing, yogurt making and more.

Multi-function appliances provide additional utility without taking up more room. Caution should be used though to not overload your electrical circuits.

Declutter Counters

Free up precious counter space by keeping appliances stored away when not in use. Dedicate drawers, cabinets or an appliance garage for storing small appliances.

Options for reducing small appliance clutter include:

  • Store inside a cabinet fitted with electrical outlets
  • Hide away in a rolling under-counter cart
  • Keep in a deep drawer with dividers
  • Use an appliance garage for pop-up storage

For frequently used countertop appliances, look for models with cord storage features and sleek profiles. Keep cords neatly wound and stored underneath to maintain a tidy look.

Also consider portable 2-in-1 options like an electric kettle with built-in coffee drip tray. These save space by performing double duty.

By decluttering your counters of small appliances and organizing cords, you can maximize your usable countertop area.

Final Thoughts

Arranging appliances in a small kitchen in Kenya takes strategic planning, but it can be optimized with some clever solutions.

By prioritizing your most used appliances, implementing vertical storage, optimizing traffic flow patterns, utilizing multi-function appliances and decluttering counters, you can create a highly efficient cooking space.

With these appliance arrangement tips, even the tiniest kitchen can become a fully functional and clutter-free workspace for meal prep.

Take time to assess your specific cooking needs and habits. Implement the strategies that make the most sense for your lifestyle and kitchen layout.

With some thoughtful organization, your small kitchen can reach its maximum potential for storage, utility and comfort.

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