Latest Ramtons Fridges and Their Prices in Kenya

Latest Ramtons Fridges and Their Prices in Kenya

Fridges are one of the most essential appliances for any home. With many brands to choose from, Ramtons has become a popular option for Kenyan households looking for reliable and affordable fridges. In this blog post, we will explore the various Ramtons fridge models available in the Kenyan market and their pricing.

Ramtons is a reputable Kenyan electronics brand that offers a wide range of home appliances including fridges, freezers, washing machines, and more. The company has been operational for over 15 years and has established itself as a brand that provides quality and affordable products.

Some of the top selling Ramtons fridge models in Kenya include:

These models come in different colors and sizes to suit the needs of different households. In the following sections, we will look at the key features of Ramtons fridges, their pricing, where to buy them, and the benefits of choosing this brand for your home.

Top Selling Ramtons Fridge Models

Ramtons offers a wide selection of fridges in the Kenyan market to meet diverse consumer needs. Here are some of their top selling models:

Ramtons 90 Liters Single Door Direct Cool Fridge

This is an entry-level model that comes in multiple colors like silver, blue, white and gold. It has a 90 liter capacity suitable for small households and bachelor pads. Some key features include:

  • Direct cool technology for efficient cooling
  • Adjustable shelves to maximize storage
  • Vegetable crisper to keep produce fresh longer
  • Freezer compartment for frozen foods
  • Energy efficient design to save on electricity costs

The Ramtons 90 Liters single door fridge provides reliable cooling at an affordable price point.

Ramtons 128 Liters 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge

With a 128 liter capacity, this model offers ample storage for small to medium families. It comes in stylish colors like blue and white. Key features:

  • 2 door design for easy access and organization
  • Direct cool technology to evenly circulate cool air
  • Transparent shelves to see contents easily
  • CFC-free and energy efficient
  • Top freezer compartment

The versatile Ramtons 128 Liters 2 door fridge keeps food fresh while adding a modern touch.

Ramtons 170 Liters Single Door Direct Cool Fridge

The 170 liter capacity makes this fridge ideal for medium-sized households. It comes in a stylish titan silver finish and has these notable features:

  • Direct cool technology for continuous cooling
  • Transparent shelves for clear visibility
  • Vegetable crisper to retain nutrients in produce
  • Can holder for chilled drinks
  • Energy efficient to reduce electricity usage

With ample space and smart storage, the Ramtons 170 Liters fridge meets diverse household needs.

Ramtons 190 Liters Chest Freezer

Available in grey and white, this spacious model works great as an accompanying freezer. Key highlights include:

The Ramtons 190 Liters chest freezer adds extra cold storage conveniently.

Key Features of Ramtons Fridges

Ramtons offers thoughtfully designed fridges packed with useful features to keep food fresh and organized. Here are some of the key features that make Ramtons fridges a popular choice:

Advanced Cooling Technology

Ramtons fridges use direct cool and no frost technologies to provide powerful and consistent cooling.

These technologies keep food fresher for longer without frost hassles.

Spacious Capacity

Ramtons fridges come in capacities ranging from 90 liters to over 400 liters. Larger families can opt for double door and side-by-side models with 300+ liter capacity. Smaller households can enjoy ample storage with 170-190 liter single door and chest freezers.

The flexible capacities cater to both individual and family needs.

Adjustable Storage

Interiors feature adjustable shelves and door racks to customize storage. Additional organization includes:

  • Transparent shelves for clear visibility
  • Vegetable crisper to optimally store fruits and veggies
  • Dedicated freezer compartment for meat and frozen goods
  • Can/bottle holders keep drinks chilled and accessible

This optimized storage extends food shelf life.

Durable Build

Ramtons fridges are well constructed using quality materials to ensure longevity. Key robust features include:

  • Sturdy exteriors made of strong metals
  • Tough glass shelves to safely bear weight
  • Reliable compressors for uninterrupted cooling
  • Durable door hinges for smooth opening and closing

The reliable build offers years of uninterrupted use.

Energy Efficient

Ramtons fridges are designed to optimize energy usage. Energy saving features include:

  • Direct cool technology without compressors
  • Optimal insulation to retain cold
  • Inverter compressors that adjust cooling as needed
  • LED lighting that consumes minimal energy

These fridges help cut electricity bills significantly.

Contemporary Styling

Ramtons fridges come in a choice of stylish finishes like silver, grey, blue, gold, and white. Their minimalist designs blend in beautifully with modern kitchen decors.

The chic looks and colors make these fridges a lifestyle product.

Benefits of Buying a Ramtons Fridge

Ramtons fridges offer compelling benefits that make them a worthy investment for Kenyan homes.

Keep Food Fresher for Longer

Advanced cooling technologies like direct cooling and no frost maintain optimal temperatures to keep food fresh for extended periods.

Direct cooling fridges use natural convection to evenly circulate cool air without a compressor. No frost models prevent icy build-up in the freezer that leads to frost burn.

Together, these features slow down spoilage and reduce food wastage.

Enjoy Spacious and Flexible Storage

Ramtons fridges come in capacities up to 500+ liters. Larger double door and multi-compartment models provide abundant storage for big families.

The adjustable shelving and racks allow customizing storage as per changing needs. The vegetable crisper, transparent shelves, and dedicated freezer spaces optimize organization.

Save on Electricity Bills

Ramtons fridges utilize energy efficient technologies like:

These help lower electricity consumption notably. Over years of use, Ramtons fridges save thousands in utility bills.

Contemporary and Stylish Models

Ramtons fridges come in elegant finishes like silver, grey, blue and white. The minimalist designs blend in with modern kitchen setups.

The chic styling makes these fridges a lifestyle product rather than just a kitchen appliance. They enhance the aesthetics of your cooking space.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

As a reputable Kenyan brand, Ramtons offers assurance of quality and after-sales support. Their fridges come with warranties up to 1 year.

You can invest in a Ramtons fridge worry-free knowing that the brand offers maintenance and service if required.

Get Value for Money

Despite the premium features and build quality, Ramtons fridges are competitively priced. Their fridges offer greater value compared to similar models from international brands.

You get advanced functionality, durable build, and stylish designs – all at an affordable price point.

Pricing of Ramtons Fridges in Kenya

Ramtons offers budget-friendly pricing on all its fridge models to suit different consumer segments. Here is an overview of Ramtons fridge prices in Kenya:

ModelCapacityKey FeaturesPrice
Ramtons 90L Single Door Direct Cool Fridge90 litersDirect cool technology, ideal for small householdsKES 22,900 – KES 24,980
Ramtons 128L 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge128 litersDirect cool, 2 door design, transparent shelvesKES 34,300 – KES 37,800
Ramtons 170L Single Door Direct Cool Fridge170 litersDirect cool, vegetable crisper, can holderKES 42,200
Ramtons 190L Chest Freezer190 litersChest freezer, fast freezing, temperature controlKES 44,900 – KES 49,200
Ramtons 213L 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge213 litersSpacious capacity, direct cool technologyKES 47,900 – KES 48,300
Ramtons 243L Double Door No Frost Fridge243 litersNo frost, double door, silver finishKES 74,800
Ramtons 282L Chest Freezer282 litersLarge capacity chest freezerKES 64,600
Ramtons 430L Side by Side No Frost Fridge430 litersNo frost, side-by-side doors, LED lightingKES 121,900

Entry-level models: The 90 liter and 128 liter capacity models are priced from KES 22,900 to KES 37,800, making them ideal for budget-conscious buyers. These single door direct cool fridges still pack useful features like adjustable shelves, vegetable crispers etc.

Mid-range models: The 170 liter to 213 liter fridges are priced between KES 42,200 to KES 48,300. These provide more generous capacity for small and medium families at reasonable prices.

High capacity models: For large families, Ramtons offers spacious double door, chest freezers and side-by-side models ranging from 243 liters to over 400 liters capacity. These are priced from KES 64,600 to KES 121,900.

Stylish designs: Certain models like the silver 243 liter double door fridge also provide modern styling alongside robust storage.

Overall, Ramtons fridges are competitively priced across all capacity segments. They deliver greater value compared to similar capacity models from international brands.

Where to Buy Ramtons Fridges in Kenya

Ramtons has a wide retail network to make its products easily available across Kenyan cities and towns. Here are some of the best places to buy genuine Ramtons fridges:

Ramtons Retail Stores

Ramtons has exclusive brand stores in major malls and shopping centers where you can browse the complete product range. Stores are located in:

  • Nairobi – Ramtons Store at Village Market Mall, Yaya Center Mall
  • Mombasa – Ramtons Store at Naivas Center
  • Kisumu – Ramtons Store at Mega Plaza Mall
  • Eldoret – Ramtons Store at Zion Mall
  • Nakuru – Ramtons Store at Westside Mall

Visiting a Ramtons store allows personally inspecting the fridge models before purchase. Stores also stock the full range of models for comparison.


Leading supermarket chains like Naivas, QuickMart and Carrefour stock select Ramtons fridge models across their branches. You can view and buy Ramtons fridges along with your grocery shopping.

Online Stores

Many e-commerce sites sell Ramtons products online with doorstep delivery. Top sites include:

  • Jumia Kenya – Stocks wide range of Ramtons fridges
  • Kilimall Kenya – Up to 25% off plus free shipping
  • PigiaMe – New and second-hand Ramtons fridges for sale

Online purchasing is convenient but doesn’t allow personal inspection before purchase.

Authorized Dealers

Ramtons has authorized dealer networks across Kenya. These multi-brand stores legally sell genuine Ramtons products. Fridges can be purchased from authorized dealers in:

  • Nairobi – HiFi Electronics along Tom Mboya Street
  • Mombasa – Sony Center in Nyali
  • Nakuru – Electrohub along Kenyatta Avenue
  • Kisumu – Das Electronics in Kondele
  • Eldoret – Smart Shoppers within Eldoret Town

Visiting authorized dealers allows personally viewing products. However, the range is smaller than brand stores.

For the best deals, purchase from official Ramtons stores. Online stores offer convenience but inspect products upon delivery before acceptance.

Key Takeaways

  • Ramtons offers reliable and affordable fridges in diverse models like single door, double door, multi-door, and chest freezers.
  • Top selling models include the Ramtons 90L single door and 128L double door direct cool fridges.
  • Key technologies like direct cooling and no frost keep food fresh for longer.
  • Adjustable storage, durable build, and energy efficiency add utility.
  • Ramtons fridges are priced from KES 22,900 for 90L models to KES 121,900 for large side-by-side models.
  • Best purchasing options include official Ramtons stores, leading supermarkets, authorized dealers, and reputable online stores.

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