Vibrating Microtome AM-400

Refine your tissue sectioning with the Vibrating Microtome AM-400. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this microtome utilizes vibrating technology for ultra-thin and precise cuts. With its advanced features and intuitive controls, it ensures smooth operation and reliable performance. Elevate your laboratory standards with the AM-400 Vibrating Microtome – your trusted tool for precise and efficient histology work


Vibrating Microtome AM-400


This model is specially developed according to market demand, it introduces advanced technics from overseas. It is widely used in biological, teaching, scientific institute research etc. It is used to cut fresh or specific specimen from animals or plants, specimen can be cut immediately in no case of embedding, cooling progress. Therefore, specimen doesn’t break at all, and cell keep very good and active. It provides good condition for immunocytochemistry research and spinal & cerebrum disorder’s neurobiology. This model is very good choice for fields in electro-microscope, dissect, cyemology, physiology, biology, scientific research.

According to finding result from related college or scientific institute, 10um is minimum section setting range when cutting brain or spinal cord specimen. And, 30um when cutting fresh brain, heart, kidney specimen.

Technical Specifications

-Speed of Specimen Sectioning: 0-1.3mm/s (adjustable)

-Vibrating range: 0~1mm

-Specimen table lifting range: 9mm

-Section thickness setting range: >10um

-Minimum setting value: 1um

-Angle of blade: 15degrees

-Working Voltage: AC220V 50Hz; AC110V 60Hz

-Power Draw: 200VA

-Dimension: 400x220x300mm

-Net Weight: 12kg

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