Ultra-low Medical Freezer (-40 ~ -86°C) AM-ADF-86V58

Ensure precise preservation of medical specimens with the Ultra-low Medical Freezer (-40°C to -86°C) AM-ADF-86V58. Crafted for pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities, this freezer offers accurate temperature control to safeguard delicate samples and vaccines. With its advanced features and broad temperature range, it ensures reliable storage conditions for critical medical supplies. Elevate your storage standards with the AM-ADF-86V58 Ultra-low Medical Freezer – your trusted solution for maintaining optimal storage conditions and preserving medical inventory with precision.


Ultra-low Medical Freezer (-40 ~ -86°C) AM-ADF-86V58


Wide temperature range :10~32°C ambient temperature can reach -86°C.

Accurate Temperature control technology to make the temperature maintain -40 ~ -86°C and accuracy 0.1°C.

The single level optimization of auto cascade refrigeration system design, less refrigeration
component for easy maintenance
SPCC sprayed steel external material and 304 stainless steel inner chamber for friendly
using and easy cleaning.


Build-in back-up battery to display temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm system for up to 72 hours without AC power.

Visual and audible alarm system: High/low temperature, Sensor error, Thermostat failure alarm.

Power failure alarm,door switch, ambient temperature alarm, condenser failure alarm, filter check alarm, voltage abnormal alarm, low battery alarm.
Power failure protection: turn on delay of the cooling system when power failure,restart
delay protection.
Keyboard lock, password protection to avoid set parameter randomly.
Wide available voltage range: 198V~242V.

Humanized Design

4 casters with stopper for easy moving and fixation.

Adjustable shelves for easy storing.

Removable condenser dust gauze convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

Removable inner door for user to defrost and clean.

Standard Independent Power Switch


Patented technology, mixed refrigerant.

Standard remote alarm port
Cold storage box loading QTY:2400
MRNA vaccine can be stored:2400pcs
10 visual and audible alarms.


Temperature Range: -40~-86°C

Ambient Temperature: +10~+32°C

Controller: Microprocessor

Display: Digital Display

Refrigeration System

Refrigerant: Mixed
Cooling Type: Direct cooling
Defrost Type: Manual

Electrical Data

Power Supply(V/Hz) : 220~240V/50~60;115/60
Rated Power(W) : 442
Electrical Current(A) : 2.67
Power Consumption : 5.6 kWh/24h
Power failure alarm : 72H


High/Low Temperature, Sensor Error, Power Failure, Door ajar, Ambient temp, Condenser clean, Low battery, Filter screen check, Abnormal voltage, Thermostat failure


Capacity: 58L
Interior Size(W*D*H) : 330*453*410mm
Exterior Size(W*D*H) : 635*757*1212mm
Package Size(W*D*H) : 730*845*1400mm
N.t./G.t.(approx) : 115/155kg
Loading Qty(20’/40’/40’H) : 21/43/43


Caster : 4
Remote alarm port: Y
Inner Door : 1(stainless steel)
Shelf : 1(stainless steel)
Test hole : 1/25MM
Data looger : Optional
CO2 back up system : Optional
LN2 back up system : Optional
Cold storage box loading QTY: 2400
MRNA vaccine can be stored : 2400pcs

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