Elevate orthopedic procedures with the ORTHOPEDICS TRACTOR AMT-6A. Meticulously designed for stability and precision, this tractor provides reliable support during orthopedic surgeries. Featuring adjustable features and an ergonomic design, the ORTHOPEDICS TRACTOR AMT-6A ensures precise positioning for patient comfort and surgeon convenience.

Crafted with durability and reliability in mind, this tractor is essential for any orthopedic facility. Trust in its performance to streamline procedures and enhance surgical outcomes.

Equip your medical facility with the ORTHOPEDICS TRACTOR AMT-6A for superior surgical precision and optimal patient care




  1. Mainly used in the operation of leg
  2. Combine with various types of supporting the use of the operating table

Technical Specifications

Length 1550±50mm
Width 450±50mm
Traction Distance 0-140mm
Traction Device Horizontal Arm Cape 0-180°
Traction Device Height Adjustment ≥190mm

Key Features:

Adjustable Traction Frame: Tailors therapy to specific needs and fracture severity.
Precise Manual Control: Personalized treatment through the user-friendly crank system.
Enhanced Patient Comfort: Ergonomic design minimizes pressure and promotes well-being.
Durable Steel Construction: Built to last, ensuring long-term reliability and support.
Compact and Portable: Facilitates easy setup and maneuverability in various settings.

Optimal Fracture Alignment: Adjustable frame promotes proper bone alignment for accelerated healing.
Reduced Discomfort: User-friendly design and comfortable support minimize discomfort during therapy.
Cost-Effective Solution: Manual system offers an affordable alternative to motorized options.
Versatility for Diverse Fractures: Adaptable frame accommodates various lower limb injuries.
Simplified Clinical Workflows: Easy operation and maintenance streamline treatment processes.

Empower effective, cost-conscious fracture management:

  • Precise alignment: Adjustable frame promotes optimal healing.
  • Patient comfort: Ergonomic design eases recovery.
  • Budget-friendly: Manual system offers affordability.
  • Versatile: Adapts to various leg injuries.
  • Easy to use & maintain: Streamlines clinical workflows.

Ideal for:

  • Hospitals & clinics seeking cost-effective traction solutions.
  • Orthopedic professionals prioritizing affordability & manual control.
  • Facilities treating diverse lower limb fractures.

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