Elevate obstetric care with the OBSTETRIC BED AM-T-3A. Designed for comfort and precision, this bed provides a supportive platform for a variety of obstetric procedures. Featuring adjustable features and ergonomic design, the OBSTETRIC BED AM-T-3A ensures optimal positioning for patient comfort and healthcare provider convenience.

Crafted with durability and reliability in mind, this bed is essential for any obstetric practice. Trust in its performance to streamline procedures and improve patient care outcomes.

Equip your medical facility with the OBSTETRIC BED AM-T-3A for superior obstetric care and optimal patient comfort.




  1. Table is made of stainless steel.
  2. Various actions of auxiliary bed are adjusted by rachet.

Technical Specifications

Length 1950±50mm
Width 600±20mm
Height 750±20mm
Back Section Fold Upward ≥50°; fold downward≥15°
Seat Section Fold Upward ≥30°; fold downward≥8°
Leg Board Fold Upward ≥30°; fold downward≥30°

Mother’s Comfort & Dignity:

  • Supportive, pressure-reducing mattress: Minimizes discomfort and promotes relaxation during labor and delivery.
  • 4-section electric table: Enables effortless positioning adjustments for optimal comfort and birthing positions.
  • Retractable leg supports and stirrups: Enhance privacy and dignity, with easy removal for specific birthing needs.
  • Adjustable headrest and backrest: Accommodates individual preferences and birthing positions.

Enhanced Safety & Caregiver Efficiency:

  • Intuitive foot pedal control: Offers hands-free adjustments for streamlined care delivery.
  • Trendelenburg positioning: Facilitates safe and efficient interventions during delivery.
  • Removable leg supports: Simplify patient transfers and cleaning for a hygienic environment.
  • Integrated drainage system: Ensures proper fluid management for patient safety.

Additional Features:

  • Integrated infant warming system: Optimizes newborn comfort and well-being.
  • Storage trays and compartments: Keep essential supplies readily accessible.
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces: Maintain high hygiene standards for mother and baby.
  • Durable, medical-grade construction: Built to withstand demanding birthing environments.
  • Modern, calming design: Creates a soothing atmosphere for a positive birthing experience.
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