Maximize laboratory efficiency with the MINI CABINET AM-ALF-V500/VII. Engineered for compact spaces, this cabinet offers a controlled airflow for a clean and safe working environment. With its versatile design and advanced features, it ensures optimal conditions for various laboratory applications. Elevate your laboratory standards with the AM-ALF-V500/VII Mini Cabinet – your trusted solution for efficient and controlled workspace organization.



Two Types

  1. Vertical laminar flow cabinet ALF-V500, positive pressure in work area only protects sample.
  2. Class I biological safety cabinet ALF-VII, negative pressure in work area protects operator and environment.

Technical Parameters

External Size(W*D*H) 550*460*700 mm
Internal Size(W*D*H) 480*340*370 mm
Display LED Display
Airflow Velocity 0.3~0.5m/s ≥0.5m/s
Material Main Body: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
Work Table: 304 stainless steel
Pre-filter Polyester fiber, washable (only for ALF-V500)
Filter HEPA Filter Active Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter
Noise <60dB
Front Window Manual, 5mm toughened glass, anti UV
Max Opening 300mm
Fluorescent Lamp 4W*1
UV Lamp 8W*1
Emission of 253.7 nanometers
Consumption 100W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz
Standard Accessory HEPA Filter, LED Lamp, UV lamp*2 Active Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter, LED Lamp, UV lamp*2
Optional Accessory /
Gross Weight 57kg
Package Size (W*D*H) 700*610*830mm

Compact Design, Uncompromising Performance:

  • Space-Saving Footprint: Ideal for laboratories with limited counter space, maximizing functionality and minimizing footprint.
  • HEPA Filtration: Ensures a clean and particle-free work area by capturing 99.99% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, protecting your samples from contamination.
  • Vertical Airflow: Creates a unidirectional airflow pattern within the work chamber, effectively sweeping away airborne contaminants and maintaining a sterile environment.

User-Friendly and Efficient Operation:

  • Multiple Sizes: Choose from the AM-ALF-V500 or AM-ALF-VII model to suit your specific sample volume and workflow needs.
  • Ergonomic Design: Features a comfortable work surface height and compact footprint for user convenience and efficient sample manipulation.
  • Intuitive Control Panel: Effortlessly monitor and adjust airflow, lighting, and UV germicidal lamp operation (VII model only) with a user-friendly interface.

Adaptability and Versatility for Diverse Needs:

  • Wide Range of Applications: Ideal for diverse applications requiring a sterile environment, such as cell culture, microbiology, electronics assembly, and research involving non-hazardous biological samples.
  • Easy Maintenance: Streamlined design with removable components facilitates cleaning and disinfection, maintaining optimal hygiene.

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