Mika Washing Machine 8kg Semi Automatic MWSTT2208

Discover unparalleled efficiency with the Mika Washing Machine 8kg Semi Automatic MWSTT2208. Engineered for optimal performance, this cutting-edge appliance offers a generous 8kg capacity, making laundry chores a breeze. The Mika Washing Machine MWSTT2208 combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to deliver a seamless washing experience. Elevate your laundry routine with Mika’s reliable and stylish washing machine – the perfect blend of innovation and convenience. Explore the future of laundry care with the MWSTT2208 today

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Mika Washing Machine 8kg Semi Automatic MWSTT2208

General Feature:

  • Air Dry for Cleaner, Dryer, Odour Free Laundry
  • Wash Input: 380W
  • Spin dry input: 160W
  • Voltage: AC 230-240V/50Hz
  • Wash Capacity: 8Kg
  • Semi-Automatic, Twin tub
  • Water Inlet Selection Switch
  • Ying Yang Wash
  • 15 minutes Wash Time
  • 5 minutes Spin Time
  • 2 Wash Program Selection
  • Surging Wave Pulsator
  • Spin Dry Shower
  • Inlet Filter
  • Rat-Proof Base
  • Rust Proof Body
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • Product Size (MM) 770 x 400 x 890

Here’s how the Mika MWSTT2208 will become your laundry day champion:

  • 8Kg Capacity: Conquer medium-sized laundry piles with ease, perfect for small families, couples, or anyone who appreciates less frequent washing cycles.

  • Semi-Automatic: Simply wash and spin dry your clothes in separate compartments, offering control and flexibility for different laundry needs.

  • Powerful Washing and Spin Cycles: Ensures thorough cleaning and efficient drying, leaving your clothes fresh and ready to wear.

  • Twin Tub Design: Wash and spin simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

  • Easy to Use Controls: Intuitive knobs and buttons make operating the machine a breeze.

  • Water Inlet Selection Switch: Choose between tap water or stored water for added convenience.

  • Surging Wave Pulsator: Creates a powerful washing action that gently cleans your clothes without damaging them.

  • Spin Dry Shower: Rinses away soap residue and leaves your clothes feeling fresh and soft.

  • Inlet Filter: Protects the machine from impurities in the water supply.

  • Rat-Proof Base: Keeps rodents and pests at bay, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Rust-Proof Body: Durable and easy to clean, even in areas with high humidity.

  • IP Rating: IPX4 for water resistance, ensuring safe operation.


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