Medical Hand Sink AM-AMF-II

Prioritize hygiene in medical settings with the Medical Hand Sink AM-AMF-II. Designed for healthcare facilities, this hand sink provides a reliable and convenient solution for handwashing. With its durable construction and user-friendly features, it promotes cleanliness and infection control. Elevate your healthcare standards with the AM-AMF-II Medical Hand Sink – your trusted partner in maintaining optimal hygiene practices.


Medical Hand Sink AM-AMF-II

Technical Specifications

-Material: Stainless steel

-Size: 1600*650*1260mm

-For 2 persons

-With 2 cabinets

Standard Function

Infrared sensor water output, stainless steel soap dispenser, adjustable water temperature

Optional Configuration

Mirror, lamp

Unwavering Hygiene and Compliance:

  • Foot Pedal Activation: Minimizes surface contact and promotes proper handwashing techniques, aligning with CDC hand hygiene guidelines.
  • Automatic Features: Integrated water and soap dispensing with automatic temperature control ensures a complete and effective handwashing experience, supporting compliance with handwashing protocols.
  • Hygienic Design: Constructed with antibacterial stainless steel for superior durability, easy cleaning, and infection prevention, contributing to a safe and compliant environment.

Enhanced Efficiency and User Experience:

  • Touchless Sensor Control: Promotes hand hygiene with minimal contact, saving water and enhancing efficiency.
  • Adjustable Settings: Customize water flow temperature and duration to personalize the handwashing experience while meeting individual preferences.
  • Optional Accessories: Expand functionality with a paper towel dispenser or wastebasket (sold separately) to create a complete handwashing station, optimizing workflow.

Ideal for Diverse Healthcare Environments:

  • Hospitals: Provides a convenient and compliant handwashing solution for nurses, doctors, and other personnel in various settings.
  • Clinics and Outpatient Facilities: Encourages frequent handwashing among staff and patients, contributing to a safer environment and adhering to regulations.
  • Laboratories: Offers a readily accessible handwashing station for lab technicians and researchers, fostering a clean and controlled laboratory environment, crucial for compliance with safety protocols.

Investing in the AM-AMF-II Medical Hand Sink means:

  • Promoting Optimal Hand Hygiene and Infection Control: Encourage consistent and thorough handwashing, significantly reducing the risk of infection transmission and supporting compliance with guidelines.
  • Improved Workflow Efficiency: Streamline handwashing routines with automated features, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity while adhering to protocols.
  • Enhanced User Experience and Compliance: Enjoy a comfortable and customizable handwashing experience with adjustable settings and touchless sensor control, promoting user satisfaction and compliance.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: Utilize the sink in diverse healthcare settings, catering to specific needs and regulatory requirements of each environment.
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