AM-2268 Manual Rotary Microtome

Enhance your histological procedures with the Manual Rotary Microtome AM-2268. Engineered for precision and reliability, this microtome ensures consistent and accurate tissue sectioning. With its ergonomic design and robust construction, it guarantees smooth operation and dependable performance. Elevate your laboratory standards with the AM-2268 Manual Rotary Microtome – your trusted tool for precise and efficient histology work.


Manual Rotary Microtome AM-2268


AM-2268 microtome is new-developed model, it offers features different from others. This machine adopts advanced guide rail, high-precision lead screws, retraction function, section and trimming mode. This model has professional design, secure instruction, and high-precision, stable performance. It’s perfectly suited for those who expect precision sectioning.


-Ergonomically conception of devise, no feeling of tire for routine operation

-Good section result whether by use of Standard Steel Knife or Disposable Blade

-Specimen clamp positioned at 8 X/Y precision orientation system

-Hand wheel system allows the hand wheel locked at any position

-Specimen retraction function (this function can be shut), Cutting and trimming modes

-Course feed hand wheel systems, closer to user to protect fatigue-free section

-Exact zero position precise orientation systems, easy to operate

-Red Knife guard to avoid any damage to user, and easy to change disposable blade

-Blade holder can be moved sidewise, no need to move blade

-An integrated storage tray (not supplied with basic instrument) ensures that ancillary tools are on hand at all times

-Large Waste tray, easy to clean and unload

Technical Specifications

-Section thickness range:0~60μm

-Setting value:

0~20μm: increment 1μm

20~60μm: increment 5μm

-Minimum Setting value: 1μm

-Precision Error: ±5%

-Maximum Specimen Size: 60x50mm

-Trimming Setting Mode: 15μm or 35μm

-Specimen Retraction Range: 90μm

-Specimen retraction range of 90μm can be shut off

-Object Feed: 30mm, Vertical Stroke: 70mm

-Specimen Orientation System: 8 X/Y

-Dimension: 570mmx500mmx300mm

-Net Weight: 33kg

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