Enhance your lab’s stirring capabilities with the MAGNETIC HEATED STIRRER AM-MHS-B. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this stirrer provides reliable heating and stirring for diverse applications. With its magnetic coupling and adjustable heating controls, it ensures thorough mixing and precise temperature control. Elevate your laboratory workflows with the AM-MHS-B Magnetic Heated Stirrer – your trusted solution for efficient and accurate sample preparation.



Technical Specifications

Power 40W 40W
Heating power 300W 200W
Temperature range RT-200℃ RT-100℃
Speed range 40~1600rpm, stepless adjust speed 40~1600rpm, stepless adjust speed
Time setting range 0.1-99.9 h 0.1-99.9 h
Display Touch panel digital display temperature, speed and time.
Feature It is with timer and data keep function; the max time is 99.9h

Unleash Unleashed Mixing Precision:

  • Exceptional Speed Range: From a gentle 50rpm to a vigorous 3000rpm, achieve optimal mixing intensity for diverse viscosities and volumes, catering to any sample requirement.
  • High-Torque Magnetic Drive: Ensures powerful and consistent mixing, even for challenging samples, maximizing efficiency and reproducibility across all tasks.
  • Wide Stir Bar Compatibility: Accommodate various container sizes and shapes with a range of stir bars (sold separately), optimizing mixing effectiveness for every experiment.

Unwavering Temperature Control:

  • Exceptional Accuracy: Set and maintain desired temperatures (ambient to 340°C) with ±1°C precision, guaranteeing consistent and reliable heating conditions for sensitive tasks.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Effortlessly monitor and adjust temperature with the clear and responsive touchscreen display, maximizing control and user experience.
  • Advanced Heating Modes: Choose from continuous heating, timer mode, multi-step programming, or temperature sensor mode for tailored heating profiles, adapting to the most complex experimental needs.

Built for Demanding Environments:

  • Robust Construction: Engineered for durability, the AM-MHS-B boasts premium materials and robust build quality, ensuring reliable performance in any lab environment.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Overheat protection, safety cut-off, and alarm systems prioritize user safety and sample integrity, creating a secure and dependable workspace.
  • Chemical-Resistant Work Surface: Withstands spills and harsh chemicals, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

Unmatched Versatility for Cutting-Edge Research:

  • Complex Chemical Reactions: Achieve precise reaction conditions with superior temperature control and powerful mixing, leading to groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Advanced Material Synthesis: Ensure consistent heating and efficient mixing for high-quality material synthesis in diverse research areas.
  • Demanding Biological Experiments: Maintain precise temperature and mixing requirements for sensitive cell cultures, enzyme reactions, and other cutting-edge biological processes.
  • Challenging Sample Preparations: Homogenize complex mixtures effectively and efficiently with the combined power of advanced stirring and heating.

Invest in the AM-MHS-B Magnetic Heated Stirrer and gain:

  • Unmatched Power & Control: Master demanding applications with a wider speed range, exceptional temperature accuracy, and advanced heating modes.
  • Effortless User Experience: Enjoy intuitive touchscreen operation and streamlined workflows for increased efficiency and reduced training time.
  • Uncompromising Safety & Durability: Ensure a secure and reliable lab environment with premium construction, advanced safety features, and a chemical-resistant work surface.
  • Versatility for Cutting-Edge Research: Push the boundaries of your research with unmatched capabilities for diverse and complex applications.

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