LG Top Freezer Refrigerator B262PLGB

Transform your kitchen with the LG Top Freezer Refrigerator B262PLGB. This sleek and spacious refrigerator brings both style and functionality to your space. Featuring a top freezer design for convenient organization, the B262PLGB is equipped with advanced cooling technology to keep your groceries fresh. With ample storage capacity and a modern aesthetic, this refrigerator is a perfect blend of form and function. Trust in LG’s commitment to quality and innovation for reliable performance. Elevate your kitchen experience with the LG B262PLGB, a stylish and efficient addition to your home.

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LG Top Freezer Refrigerator B262PLGB

Looking for a top freezer refrigerator that’s both spacious and smart? Look no further than the LG B262PLGB! This 266L beauty offers ample storage for your Kenyan groceries while boasting cutting-edge technology to keep your food fresher for longer.

Unleash the Freshness:

  • 266L Capacity: Stock up on weekly groceries with ease, storing everything from fresh produce to drinks and leftovers.
  • DoorCooling+™: Enjoy fast and even cooling throughout the fridge, especially for items on the door shelves. Say goodbye to warm zones and wilted veggies!
  • Moist Balance Crisper™: This innovative drawer maintains optimal humidity levels, keeping your fruits and vegetables crisp and delicious for longer.
  • Multi Air Flow: Ensures consistent cooling in every corner, preventing spoilage and temperature fluctuations.

Embrace Smarter Living:

  • Smart Inverter Compressor: This technology delivers quiet operation, energy efficiency, and reliable performance, saving you money on your electricity bill.
  • LED Lighting: Brightly illuminates the interior, making it easy to find what you need, even at night.
  • Stylish Design: The sleek and modern aesthetic complements any kitchen and adds a touch of elegance.

Invest in the LG B262PLGB and enjoy:

  • Spacious storage for all your Kenyan essentials
  • Advanced features that keep food fresh and save energy
  • Quiet and convenient operation for daily use
  • Modern design to elevate your kitchen space


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