LG S4NQ24K23QD 24K BTU Inverter AC (with GEN MODE)

Elevate your cooling experience with the LG S4NQ24K23QD 24K BTU Inverter AC featuring GEN MODE. Unleash superior climate control with the advanced inverter technology, providing efficient and consistent cooling for spaces of all sizes. The Inverter AC 24,000 BTU capacity ensures rapid cooling, while the GEN MODE adds a smart touch for optimized performance. Enjoy energy savings and precise temperature control with this innovative LG AC unit. Upgrade your indoor comfort with the LG Inverter AC  S4NQ24K23QD, a reliable and high-performing solution that brings a new level of sophistication to your living or working space.

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LG S4NQ24K23QD 24K BTU Inverter AC (with GEN MODE)

General Feature:

  • Cooling Only
  • R410A
  • Low Power Dual Inverter Compressor
  • Plasma Air Purifying System
  • Auto Restart
  • Jet Cool
  • Sleep Mode
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Dual Filter System
  • Smart Display
  • Wireless Remote
  • ERC Approved

Warranty: 12 months

Key Features:

  • 24,000 BTU cooling capacity: Cools rooms up to 1,000 square feet quickly and efficiently.
  • Inverter technology: Saves you money on your energy bills by using less energy than traditional air conditioners.
  • GEN MODE: Allows you to operate the air conditioner even when the power is out, perfect for areas prone to power outages.
  • Plasma air purifying system: Helps to remove dust, allergens, and bacteria from the air, creating a healthier environment for you and your family.
  • Jet Cool function: Quickly cools your room to the desired temperature.
  • Sleep mode: Operates quietly for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Auto restart: The unit automatically restarts after a power outage, maintaining your desired temperature.
  • Wireless remote control: Control the unit from across the room for added convenience.

Ideal for:

  • Large homes
  • Open floor plans
  • Areas prone to power outages
  • Health-conscious individuals
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