LG CEILING FAN Ceiling Fan with Mosquito away LCF12P

Transform your living space with the LG Ceiling Fan LCF12P – a refreshing breeze with added protection. This innovative ceiling fan not only delivers cooling comfort but also features Mosquito Away technology, providing an extra layer of defense against mosquitoes. With stylish design and advanced functionality, the LG LCF12P enhances your living environment. Enjoy a comfortable and mosquito-free atmosphere with this versatile ceiling fan. Elevate your home experience with LG, where style meets technology for a cool and protected living space.

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LG CEILING FAN Ceiling Fan with Mosquito away LCF12P


  • Biomechanically designed blades for quieter operation
  • Dual Wings for Natural Airflow
  • 40 Pole Energy Efficient 26.3W Inverter Motor
  • Remote Control
  • Sleep Mode & Auto Off timer

Unwind with the LCF12P’s Unique Features:

  • Tranquil Airflow: Biomechanically designed blades ensure whisper-quiet operation, letting you enjoy the
    cool breeze without the noise pollution.
  • Efficient Performance: The 40-pole inverter motor delivers impressive airflow while consuming minimal energy, saving you money on your electricity bills.
  • Natural Breeze Effect: Dual wings create a Natural and comfortable airflow
    Like a warm summer breeze caressing you.
  • Mosquito Repellent Technology: Built-in mosquito repellent system keeps those pesky insects at bay, creating a safe and cozy atmosphere.
  • Smart Convenience: Control the fan and mosquito repellent function easily using the remote control or LG’s ThinQ™ App
  • Sleek Design: The modern design with a stylish finish complements any room décor, adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Additional Benefits:

  • Multiple Speed Settings: Choose from various speeds to customize the airflow to your comfort level.
  • Sleep Mode: Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with the quiet operation and gentle breeze of the sleep mode.
  • Auto-Off Timer: Set the timer to automatically turn off the fan after a predetermined time.
  • Easy Installation: The LCF12P is simple to install, making it a quick and convenient addition to your home.
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