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Hollow polysulfone membrane fiber dialyzer

Discover superior dialysis with our Hollow Polysulfone Membrane Fiber Dialyzer. Engineered with advanced technology, this dialyzer offers efficient and reliable performance for renal therapy. With its hollow polysulfone membrane fibers, it ensures optimal clearance and biocompatibility during hemodialysis. Elevate patient care and treatment outcomes with our innovative Hollow Polysulfone Membrane Fiber Dialyzer, your trusted solution for superior renal therapy.


Hollow polysulfone membrane fiber dialyzer


-Low flux, high-flux, ultra high-flux; dry membrane, wet membrane dialyzer

-The wet membrane dialyzer pursuit of a high biocompatibility and reduce first use syndrome, good anticoagulant, pre-rinsing is easier to drive out bubbles.

-Quality of the effect depends in part on haemodialysis dialyzers.

Unmatched Advantages:

  • Superior Clearance: Efficiently removes toxins like urea, creatinine, and excess fluids for optimal patient well-being.
  • Biocompatible Design: Minimizes adverse reactions and promotes patient comfort, reducing “first-use syndrome.”
  • Exceptional Efficiency: High surface area membrane maximizes clearance rates while minimizing blood loss.
  • Durable Construction: Polymeric construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliable treatment delivery.
  • Multiple Options: Choose from low-flux, high-flux, or ultra-high-flux dialyzers depending on specific patient needs.
  • Dry or Wet Formats: Available in dry or pre-filled formats for physician preference and ease of use.

Elevating the Dialysis Experience:

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Effective toxin removal and biocompatibility contribute to better patient health and quality of life.
  • Enhanced Clinical Efficiency: Reduced treatment time and minimized blood loss contribute to improved treatment efficiency.
  • Simplified Use: Dry or pre-filled options offer user-friendly choices for healthcare professionals.

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