Ensure swift and effective emergency care with the EMERGENCY SUCTION DEVICE AM-23B.III (AC/DC). This versatile device provides powerful suction capabilities for prompt removal of secretions and fluids, crucial in emergency medical situations. With both AC and DC power options, it offers flexibility for use in various settings, including ambulances and emergency rooms.

Featuring user-friendly operation and adjustable suction levels, the EMERGENCY SUCTION DEVICE AM-23B.III guarantees reliable performance when every second counts. Crafted for durability and reliability, this suction device is a vital asset for any emergency medical facility.

Equip your healthcare team with the EMERGENCY SUCTION DEVICE AM-23B.III (AC/DC) to ensure swift and efficient suctioning during critical situations, saving valuable time and improving patient outcomes.




  1. AC and DC power supplies, can be connected to car-carried power supply
  2. Store and supply power itself, up to 2 hours
  3. AC and DC power switch automatically, does not affect normal use
  4. Imported membrane pump with longer life
  5. With full charge function, charging will be automatically stopped when fully charged
  6. Small size, especially for ambulance and field application
  7. With overflow protection unit to prevent liquid from getting into pump body
  8. Adopts high quality cold plate shell
  9. Surface electrostatic spraying
  10. Used for operations and family for taking out puts, blood, sputum and other thick liquid from human body.


Power Voltage AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±2%
Suction Rate ≥28L/min
Negative Pressure Range 0.013-0.09Mpa (680mmHg)
Suction Bottle 1000ml plastic bottle
Noise / Input Power ≤55dB / 150VA

Unwavering Reliability in Critical Moments:

  • Powerful AC & DC operation: Guarantees consistent suction, even during power outages, for uninterrupted emergency response.
  • Durable, impact-resistant construction: Withstands demanding environments, ensuring readiness for any situation.
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery: Provides ample power for extended use, offering peace of mind in remote settings.

Portable & User-Friendly for Swift Response:

  • Lightweight, compact design: Easily carried and operated by first responders and medical professionals.
  • Intuitive controls and visual indicators: Enables quick setup and operation, saving precious seconds in emergencies.
  • Multiple suction modes: Adjust suction power to effectively handle various fluid removal needs.

Enhanced Safety & Hygiene:

  • Overfill protection: Prevents accidental overflow, safeguarding patients and the device.
  • Single-use, disposable collection canister: Minimizes contamination risk and simplifies cleaning.
  • Autoclavable accessories: Ensures optimal hygiene for repeated use.

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