Optimize surgical procedures with the ELECTRIC OPERATING TABLE AM-DL.C. This advanced table is engineered to provide stability and flexibility during various surgical interventions. With its electrically controlled adjustments and innovative features, the ELECTRIC OPERATING TABLE AM-DL.C ensures precise positioning for patient comfort and surgeon convenience.

Crafted with durability and reliability in mind, this table enhances surgical efficiency and accuracy. Trust in its performance to streamline procedures and elevate surgical outcomes.

Equip your operating room with the ELECTRIC OPERATING TABLE AM-DL.C for enhanced surgical performance and patient care.




  1. Imported Denmark Linak gear engine
  2. By hand and panel control
  3. Separate leg part
  4. With battery

Technical Specifications

Length 2000±100mm
Width 520±20mm
Min-max Height (750-1000) ±50mm
Trendelenburg ≥15°; Rev-Trend≥15°
Leftward ≥15°; Rightward≥15°
Head Board Upward ≥40°; fold downward≥90°
Backboard Upward ≥60°; fold downward≥30°
Leg Board Upward ≥15°; fold downward≥90°
Mains Voltage AC220±10%, 50HZ
Input Power 300VA
Waist Board Lifting 100±20mm
Lumbar Upper Corner ≤150°; Lumbar lower corner≤120°

Key Features:

  • Rock-Solid Stability: Heavy-duty base and powerful motors ensure unwavering stability even during demanding procedures, minimizing movement and maximizing control.
  • Dynamic Positioning: 5 independent electric motors and a flexible table top enable a wide range of positions, adapting to any surgical need.
  • Effortless Movement: Silent, lockable casters allow for smooth adjustments and secure positioning throughout the procedure.
  • Trendelenburg & Anti-Trendelenburg: Facilitates optimal drainage and blood access, enhancing surgical visibility and efficiency.
  • Integrated Control Panel: Intuitive controls and memory function ensure precise positioning and streamline table operation.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: Pressure-reducing upholstery and adjustable sections promote patient comfort and well-being during surgery.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials and meticulous engineering, the AM-DL.C withstands the rigors of demanding surgical environments.


  • Improved Surgical Outcomes: Unwavering stability minimizes movement, enabling precise surgical maneuvers and potentially leading to better patient outcomes.
  • Enhanced Surgical Efficiency: Streamlined positioning and user-friendly controls contribute to faster setup times and efficient surgical workflows.
  • Reduced Surgeon Fatigue: Smooth motor operation and ergonomic design minimize strain and fatigue, promoting surgeon focus and concentration.
  • Improved Patient Comfort: Pressure-reducing features and adjustable sections prioritize patient well-being and facilitate optimal positioning.
  • Long-Term Investment: Durable construction and high-quality components ensure reliable performance and minimize maintenance costs.

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