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Chemistry Analyzer AR-6030

Enhance your laboratory’s efficiency with the Chemistry Analyzer AR-6030. Designed for accuracy and versatility, this analyzer delivers precise results for a wide range of chemistry assays. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it ensures reliable performance in laboratory settings. Streamline your analytical processes with the Chemistry Analyzer AR-6030 – your trusted solution for high-quality chemistry analysis.


Chemistry Analyzer AR-6030


Discrete Automatic, random access with two independent discs and independent stirring needle

Online test items: at most 26 testing items

260 photometric tests per hour, at most 40 items on board

40 sample positions, 40 reagent postions with refrigrated function

90 pcs reusable reaction cuvettes with advanced 8 steps cleaning

Automatic dilute and retest, automatic probe cleaning. High sensitive liquid level detection

Back spectrophotometry with 9 wavelength to assure the testing result more accurate

Open reagent system

Easy to operate: friendly and Intellective Software

Light weight construction to ensure intallation and maintaining be more flexible

Technical Specifications

System Functions Fully automatically, discrete, random STAT function

Online test items: at most 40 testing items

Throughput: 260 tests/hour

Analysis Method: end-point, kinetic, two-point, double reagents,double-wavelength, multi-standard etc, open to various reagents

-Data Processing: memory up to 200,000 patients’ data

Sample/Reagents Handling Sample Position: 40 pcs (Include standad,QC,STAT positions)

Sample volume: 2-50µl, 0.1µl step

Sample Probe Cleaning: automatic intemal & extemal washing

Sample Dilution: automatic/Manual pre-dilution, with dilution ratio up to 1: 100

Reagent Position: 40 pcs (With refrigerated function, 2℃-8℃)

Reagent Volume: 10-500µl, 1µl step

Reagent Probe: automatic liquid level detect, with collision protection function

Reagent Probe Cleaning: automatic internal & external washing

Reaction System Reaction Cuvette: 90 pcs made of special material

Optical Length of Cuvette: 6mm

Reaction Volume: 200~500µl

Reaction Time: 8-10 minutes

Reaction Temperature: 37℃ ±0.1℃

Mixing System: independent mixing probe

Optical System Light Source: halogen-tungsten lamp

Wavelength: 300-700nm, 9 wavelengths, precision ±2nm

Absorbance Range: 0~4.0Abs

Resolution: 0.001Abs

QC Various QC managements, insert QC randomly; save, display & print QC chart;define different QC in advance
Calibration Calibration: linear/nonlinear multi-points calibration

Re-test: retest the sample automatically when the result is out of the linearity range or the sample is not sufficient

Cleaning System 8-step automatic washing, automatic cuvette dry function

Water Consumption: 4L/hour

Working Condition Power Supply: ~100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1KVA
Temperature 10℃~35℃
Humidity ≤90%, no dew
Operation System Windows XP or Windows 2000
Input and Output Input: RS-232 interface / keyboard / computer

Output: multi-format printout

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