Ensure patient comfort and safety with the BLOOD AND INFUSION WARMER AM-AIW-1000. This advanced device is designed to efficiently warm blood and IV fluids to the desired temperature, enhancing patient care during transfusions and infusions. With precise temperature control and user-friendly operation, the BLOOD AND INFUSION WARMER AM-AIW-1000 ensures reliable performance in clinical settings.

Crafted with durability and reliability in mind, this warmer is an essential addition to any medical facility. Trust in its performance to streamline procedures and improve patient outcomes.

Equip your healthcare facility with the BLOOD AND INFUSION WARMER AM-AIW-1000 for superior patient care and optimal comfort during transfusions and infusions.




-Medical fluid infusion warmer AIW-1000 is a kind of warming device to warm the liquid to be infusion into human body by warming the infusion pipe, with high efficiency and easy use.

-Dry groove warmer structure: Adopt conventional infusion pipe to warm the

infusion pipe directly, no need special consumables.


  1. The AIW series is an instrument can heat the infusion/blood by electrical energy, dry warmer.
  2. It has used the temperature sensor can automatic regulation of fluid temperature.
  3. Infrared detection function can work continuously for 3 to 6 hours;
  4. Prompt function: the audible and visual alarm to remind doctor; Design Water-proof.
  5. The thermostat inside help the infusion stability, without overheating. Highlight LED display; Can start to warm within 1 minute after switching on.
  6. Temperature range: 1°C – 41°C (±1°C).
  7. Humidity: 35 – 95 %RH (Non condensing).
  8. Flow Rate: 1-15ml/min.

Precise Temperature Control:

  • Advanced microprocessor technology delivers +/- 1°C accuracy, reducing the risk of complications.
  • Wide temperature range (32°C – 42°C) caters to diverse needs of blood products and fluids.
  • Multiple alarm systems ensure immediate notification of any deviations.

Superior Efficiency & Convenience:

  • Compact design facilitates placement in various healthcare settings.
  • Intuitive controls and visual indicator for user-friendly operation.
  • Single-use disposable warming sets minimize contamination risk.
  • Multiple warming modes (continuous, standby, rapid) for flexible use.

Enhanced Safety & Reliability:

  • Built-in safety features prevent overheating and ensure patient safety.
  • Durable construction withstands demanding healthcare environments.
  • Audio and visual alarms for power failure, low fluid level, and over-temperature conditions.


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