3 Function Electric Hospital Bed DK-31L

Upgrade patient comfort with our 3 Function Electric Hospital Bed DK-31L. Engineered for versatility and convenience, this bed offers three essential functions powered by electric mechanisms. With its sturdy construction and user-friendly controls, it provides optimal support and positioning options for patients in medical settings. Elevate your healthcare facility with the 3 Function Electric Hospital Bed DK-31L, ensuring efficient and comfortable patient care.


3 Function Electric Hospital Bed DK-31L

Product Description

  1. Detachable ABS head/foot board
  2. Collapsible aluminum alloy guardrails
  3. Integrated stamping frame and mattress base are made of steel epoxy
  4. I.V. Pole & Drainage hook with PU cover
  5. Heavy duty caster with brakes 5″
  6. Back, Knee, Hi/Lo adjustment by 3 motors
  7. Hand remote control

Product Parameters

Overall size L2150*W950*H350-690mm
Mattress base size 1950*830mm
Adjustable height 350-690mm
Angle of back section 0 – 75°(±5°)
Angle of leg section 0 – 45°(±5°)
Net weight/Gross weight 100KG/105KG
Carton Dimension 2050*1000*310mm/1pc
Weight Capacity 200KG


Optional Accessory

Mattress/Over-bed table/Bedside cabinet/Back-up battery/CPR control/Self help pole

Optimizing Patient Experience with Electric Beds:

  • Understanding Electric Hospital Beds: Explore the advantages of electric hospital beds like the DK-31L, which provide electronically controlled adjustments for improved patient comfort, positioning, and overall care experience.
  • Evaluating 3-Function Electric Beds: Consider factors like the specific adjustments offered by the DK-31L (e.g., backrest angle, headrest, knee rest), patient weight capacity, ease of use for caregivers with a hand control, and compatibility with other equipment in your facility.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Support: Electric adjustability allows for precise positioning to promote patient comfort and support during recovery or treatment.
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the DK-31L meets relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements for your region.

Balancing Functionality with Budget:

  • Cost-Effective Choice: The DK-31L provides essential electric adjustability at a competitive price point compared to more advanced models.
  • Improved Staff Efficiency: Electric operation can streamline caregiver workflow, allowing them to dedicate more time to patient interaction.

Exploring Options for Hospital Beds:

  • Connect with medical equipment suppliers or distributors: They can offer guidance on various electric and manual hospital bed options tailored to your facility’s needs and patient care requirements.
  • Seek Professional Recommendations: Consult with healthcare professionals familiar with patient care needs and equipment selection for informed decision-making.

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