Mika Citrus Juicer Plastic Handle Press 100W Stainless Steel MJC101XM

Discover effortless citrus juicing with the Mika Citrus Juicer Plastic Handle Press 100W – MJC101X. Crafted with a durable stainless steel body and a powerful 100W motor, this citrus juicer is designed for efficient and convenient extraction of fresh citrus fruits. The plastic handle press adds ease and comfort to your juicing experience. Trust in Mika’s commitment to quality and innovation. Elevate your citrus juicing routine with this sleek and high-performance appliance, seamlessly combining durability with functionality. Choose Mika’s MJC101X for a citrus juicer that brings efficiency and modern design to your kitchen. Transform your daily routine with the ultimate in citrus juicing convenience.



Mika Citrus Juicer Plastic Handle Press 100W Stainless Steel MJC101X


  • Press handle: Hygienic, easy to use & maximum extraction
  • Antidrip Stainless Spout
  • Two (2) Extraction Cones, big (orange) & small (lemon)



  • Pure Copper Motor for durability
  • Suction feet for stability

Squeeze Out Sunshine with the Mika MJC101X: Your Everyday Citrus Champion (Karagita, Kenya)

Craving a burst of tangy citrus flavor? Look no further than the Mika MJC101X Citrus Juicer! This compact wonder, crafted from sleek stainless steel with a handy plastic handle, is your effortless key to unlocking the vibrant juices and essential vitamins hidden within your favorite oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes.

Why the Mika MJC101X is Your Daily Squeeze Squeezer:

  • Effortless Extraction: Ditch the electric cords and embrace the satisfying simplicity of a manual press. The comfortable plastic handle delivers maximum juice yield with minimal effort, perfect for a mindful morning ritual or a fun family activity.
  • Hygienic & Easy to Clean: The smooth stainless steel design is a breeze to clean, while the removable filter basket and drip-free spout ensure mess-free operation.
  • Maximum Flavor, Minimum Fuss: Two interchangeable cones, sized for oranges and lemons, optimize juice extraction for each citrus fruit, guaranteeing the purest, most vibrant flavors in every glass.
  • Durable & Stylish: The sleek stainless steel construction complements any kitchen, while the pure copper motor promises long-lasting performance for years of citrus-squeezing joy.
  • Compact & Convenient: The MJC101X’s small footprint stores neatly on any countertop, ready to whip up a refreshing glass of sunshine whenever the mood strikes.

The Mika MJC101X also boasts:

  • Anti-slip suction feet for added stability
  • Quiet operation, perfect for early morning squeezes
  • Budget-friendly price, making it an accessible entry into the world of fresh-squeezed goodness
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