How Can I Decorate A Small Kitchen In Kenya

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Wish to decorate a small kitchen in Kenya?

In this blog post,  we are going to show you some ways that would work well for small kitchens.

1). Add a backsplash 

decorate a small kitchen in Kenya

You want your kitchen to look nice, so why not add something like the mosaic backsplash tiles or subway tile? 

They’ll make any space feel more welcoming and they won’t take up much room at all! 

2). Utilize vertical space

utilizing space to decorate a small kitchen in Kenya

If your cabinets don’t have enough horizontal storage, you can always install shelves on the walls instead.

It’s an inexpensive way of adding extra storage without taking up too much floor space. 

Place pots and pans in one cabinet with flatware in another; keep dishes inside glass doors–you’ll be amazed at how organized it feels when everything has its place. And that should help you decorate a small kitchen in Kenya.

3). Give it some personality

decorate a small kitchen in Kenya

One fun way to make your kitchen feel more like home is by adding a chalkboard wall! 

Use the space as an area for making grocery lists, or even just jotting down reminders and ideas. 

4). Add plants

adding plants to kitchen to decorate in kenya

If you have any window sills in your kitchen, consider buying or planting fresh herbs or vegetables there. 

You’ll be able to get all sorts of benefits from them while also bringing nature inside with you!

And that is how you can decorate a small kitchen in Kenya.

5). Rearrange your cabinets

rearranging cabintes

If you don’t have a ton of space, consider rearranging the layout of your kitchen to make it feel more spacious. 

Put smaller items (i.e., spices) in drawers or even on shelves under counters and store larger items upfront.

6). Utilize your space wisely 

Utilize your space wisely

If you live in a studio or small apartment, think outside the box and utilize areas that might not be considered “kitchen” spaces to decorate a small kitchen in Kenya. 

Consider turning an unused corner into something like a breakfast nook.

Or even installing bistro seating against one of those walls while using it for storage at the same time!

7). Add some color

adding color ro kitchen to decorate oin kenya

Add some color by painting walls or using accent pieces like pottery that can be added on shelves without taking too much from your storage space. 

8). Install glass doors to your cabinets

Install glass doors to your cabinets

It may not help decorate a small kitchen in Kenya, but will help make the items inside a little more visible and accessible, while still keeping them private

9). Use wall art to decorate a small kitchen in Kenya

Use wall art for kitchen decor in kenya

Consider using wall art that incorporates cookware or baking supplies. 

For example, you can have an image of fresh fruit hanging on one side of your kitchen with bowls and knives hung from hooks on the other

10). Install overhead cabinet

Install overhead cabinet

Install an overhead cabinet with pot hooks so that pots and pans don’t take up valuable countertop surfaces.

As well as adds some decorative touch like color-coordinated pot holders or cheerful aprons hung on pegs nearby.

11). Use a light fixture with two tiers

Use a light fixture with two tiers to decor kitchen in kenya

Add more ambient light by using a light fixture with two tiers. 

This will brighten up space and make it feel more spacious and open thus helping decorate a small kitchen in Kenya, not to mention increase visibility for cooking tasks.

12). Add personality to decorate a small kitchen in Kenya

adding personality to kictehn in kenya

Add personality with framed prints of your favorite food photos, images from magazines, and postcards to make it feel like home

13). Make pantry feel big

Make pantry feel big

Make your pantry feel bigger by using vertical shelving units; also, consider using decorative backsplashes to break up the usually monotonous wall.

14). Utilize unused space

Utilize unused space

If you don’t have space for a cutting board and countertop surface in your kitchen, place them nearby on an unused dining table or desk. 

This will make it easy to prep food as needed without taking over valuable workspace in another room of the house!

15). Use small appliances

Use small appliances

Use small kitchen appliances (like microwaves) that are set into open shelving rather than closed cabinets so there’s always some visibility of what can be found inside each one.

This is especially useful if you’re baking frequently and need lots of ingredients at once like sugar, flour, cocoa powder etc.

16). Use recessed light

Use recessed light under the kitchen cabinets in kenya to decorate

Install recessed lighting under upper cabinets for use during nighttime cooking sessions.

It’s most effective when the lights are set to a blue hue to decorate a small kitchen in Kenya.

17). Use metal wire racks

Use metal wire racks

Use metal wire racks in cabinets for dish storage rather than deep shelves. 

This will allow you to see what is at the back of each shelf without having to open and close them, saving time!

18). Install rolling shelves

Install rolling shelves

Make use of vertical space by installing rolling shelving – helpful if you often do lots of cooking because they can be easily moved out from under upper cabinets or any unused wall area to make room for prep work.

19). Display collection 

Display collection as kitchen decor

Make use of the space in front of a window by adding simple shelves and displaying a collection. 

Plus, the light coming in the window will make any collection in a small kitchen look beautiful.

20). Use accessories

accessories for kitchen decor in kenya

Another way to decorate a small kitchen is by adding accessories: 

  • You can paint a simple message on the wall
  • Stickers are great for adding character and color to your kitchen.
  • What about some modern artwork? What’s better than that?
  • Or printables of family recipes, or pictures of dishes you like.

Final thoughts

The idea of a small kitchen is daunting, but there are actually many ways that you can decorate it without having to do anything too extravagant. 

Some good ideas include painting your cabinets dark brown or black for contrast if you’re using white paint on your walls and shelves. 

Another way would be to use light colors with lots of natural lighting so they won’t seem as dreary–something like pale blue or green could work well here. 

If you have plenty of counter space then adding some plants will also help bring life into an otherwise boring space because seeing something growing increases our serotonin levels (the happy hormone). 

Finally, think about what’s most important before making any big decisions such as moving furniture around.

I hope these ideas help you decorate a small kitchen in Kenya.

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