Upgrade your laboratory’s water purification process with the WATER PURIFIER AM-AWP-I. Engineered for excellence, this purifier delivers high-quality water for various scientific applications. With advanced filtration technology and customizable options, it ensures consistent and reliable performance. Elevate your laboratory standards with the AM-AWP-I Water Purifier – your trusted solution for pristine water quality in research and experimentation.




-Professional Water purifier produce RO and DI water, widely used in hospital, research lab, industry, university, etc.

-Automatically power on and power off according the water inflow or water outflow.

-6 Filtration system

-Automatic RO membrane flush

-Filtration Velocity: 15L/H


Process Flow PF+AC+RO+DI
Water Supply Tap water: TDS<200ppm, 5-45℃, 1.0–3.5Kg/cm2
Purification System Pretreatment 10’’PP filter×1+10’’Activated carbon ×2
RO reverse osmosis 100GPD RO membrane x1
Postposition purification Deion purification column×2
Purification Index Soluble organic matter: Rejection rate>99% (molecular weight >100)Particle: Rejection rate>99%

Microbe: Rejection rate > 99%

Salt rejection rate near 100%

TDS (total solids solubility):RO water: 5-10 ppm

Resistivity: 7.0-10.0 MΩ-cm

Conductivity: 0.143-0.100 μs/cm

PM (particulate matter) (>0.22μm): <1/ml

Microbe/Germ: <1 CFU/ml

Output (25℃) 10L/H
Water Outlet (hand switch) 2: RO water; DI water
Water Quality Monitoring TDS (total solids solubility) water quality testing pen
External Size (H×W×D) 394×390×502mm
Weight 12-20kg

Reliable Water Purification:

  • Multi-Stage Filtration: Employs a combination of filtration technologies to remove impurities, including sediment, chlorine, and dissolved solids, ensuring consistent water quality.
  • Meeting Your Needs: Produces purified water exceeding Type II standards, suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications.
  • Easy Maintenance: Features replaceable filters and a compact design for user-friendly maintenance and minimized downtime.

Enhanced User Experience and Efficiency:

  • Intuitive Control Panel: Effortlessly monitor system parameters and manage operation with a user-friendly interface.
  • Multiple Dispensing Options: Choose from a range of dispensing options, including a dispensing gun and bottle adapter, to suit your specific needs and workflow.
  • Compact Design: Saves valuable bench space, ideal for laboratories with limited space.

Ideal for Diverse Laboratory Applications:

  • Wide Range of Uses: Suitable for various laboratory applications, including general laboratory work, rinsing glassware, preparing buffers, and preparing media.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Provides high-quality purified water at a competitive price point, offering an economical alternative to other water purification systems.
  • Reliable Performance: Experience consistent and dependable performance with robust construction and user-friendly features.

Investing in the AM-AWP-I Water Purification System means:

  • Cost-Effective Purity: Achieve reliable water quality at an affordable price, saving resources without compromising research integrity.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Enjoy convenient dispensing options and intuitive controls for efficient water purification and usage.
  • Ideal for Diverse Applications: Utilize the system for a variety of laboratory tasks, meeting the requirements of your research and everyday laboratory needs.
  • Reliable Performance: Experience peace of mind with a system built for dependable and long-lasting operation.

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