40KH TUC Series Ultrasonic Cleaner

Revolutionize your cleaning processes with the Ultrasonic Cleaner (40KHZ) TUC Series. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this cleaner offers powerful ultrasonic technology for thorough and gentle cleaning of delicate items. With its advanced features and customizable options, it ensures consistent and reliable performance. Elevate your cleaning standards with the TUC Series Ultrasonic Cleaner – your trusted solution for precise and efficient cleaning in various industries.


40KH TUC Series Ultrasonic Cleaner


  1. Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
  2. With large LCD display to show the precise time, temperature and power level
  3. Time setting: 1-99 minutes
  4. Temperature Setting: built-in heating to 60℃
  5. Ultrasonic Power Setting: adjustable power range of 10%~100% (step by 10%).
  6. Built-in “sound insulation paste” keep this series with low noise
  7. With sweep function & degas function
  8. Humanized carrying handle and drain valve for whole models
  9. Memory function will automatically save the most recently used setup parameters for next use.
  10. With sleeping mode to keep electrical energy saving
  11. Application range: household, laboratory, medical and dental clinic, industrial
  12. Main features: Adjustable power, Low noise, Sweep function, Degas function, Heating function, Adjustable time, Memory function, Sleeping mode


  1. Drain Valve: Yes
  2. Carrying Handle: Yes
  3. Cleaning Basket: Yes
  4. A full set including: 1×ultrasonic cleaner, 1×SUS cleaning basket, 1×SUS lid, 1×power cord, 1×English user manual, 1×carton box.

Technical Specifications

MODEL Capacity Ultrasonic Power Heating Power Transducer Qty Tank Size (mm) External Size (mm)
TUC-13 1.3L 70W 100W 1pc 150*135*65 180*165*205
TUC-20 2L 70W 100W 1pc 150*135*100 180*165*240
TUC-32 3.2L 120W 100W 2pcs 240*135*100 265*165*235
TUC-48 4.8L 120W 100W 2pcs 240*135*150 265*165*285
TUC-45 4.5L 180W 200W 3pcs 300*150*100 330*180*260
TUC-65 6.5L 180W 200W 3pcs 300*150*150 330*180*310
TUC-70 7L 240W 500W 4pcs 300*240*100 330*270*260
TUC-100 10L 240W 500W 4pcs 300*240*150 330*270*310
TUC-150 15L 360W 500W 6pcs 330*300*150 360*330*380
TUC-200 20L 360W 500W 6pcs 330*300*200 360*330*340
TUC-220 22L 480W 500W 8pcs 500*300*150 530*330*340
TUC-300 30L 600W 500W 10pcs 500*300*200 530*330*390
TUC-450 45L 720W 1000W 12pcs 500*300*300 530*330*490

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